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[14 Jun 2014|10:32am]


After centuries believing that he was the last Timelord. That he had destroyed Gallifrey
to end the war; he now knew that he hadn’t. He had saved them, all of them.
It had taken all thirteen of him to manage it. But, he’d done it. He’d saved them.

And then, with the knowledge that he will forget all about the last couple of days, because it
always seemed to work like that when more of him came together. The Tenth Doctor
detected an anomaly in London. A rift in time and space, a rift that started
bringing people from other times, and other places; other worlds and
dimensions. A rift that stopped the TARDIS from travelling in time. Stuck
on the slow path, the Doctor must try to protect Earth from the threats that
come through the rift. But, he won’t be working alone.


Time Stood Still [info]timestoodmods is a panfandom game set in the Doctor Who Verse. You do not need an extensive knowledge of Doctor Who in order to play.

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Game will open once we have a minimum of ten apps across five players.</lj></lj></lj></lj>
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