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WELCOME TO STORYBROOKE. [13 Jun 2014|03:32am]
The combined magic of Emma and Regina stopped the failsafe and saved Storybrooke from complete destruction, but that wasn't all it did. The backlash from the device unbalanced the magic and things began to change. Though Emma and the others tried to leave Storybrooke, seeking Henry, they found that they couldn't. Something was keeping them from leaving, as if a wall of magic had been placed around the entire town. They were trapped. And soon, things began to take a strange and unsettling turn.

Portals have begun opening. People are appearing out of nowhere, with no idea how they came to be in the town. It's as if the magic of Storybrooke is trying to draw more people in, pulling them from other worlds to fill the town. The residents of Storybrooke are adapting as best they can, and the displaced visitors are trying to make new lives for themselves. But portals aren't the only changes and nobody can be sure how the out of control magic will affect everyone next.

Welcome To Storybrooke is a panfandom game set within the universe of the television series 'Once Upon a Time'.

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[13 Jun 2014|03:18pm]
a panfandom roleplaying game
When the 20th Century Limited left New York City for its inaugural trip in 1902, it was the first of its kind in design, luxury, and speed. When the locomotive gained its new conductor in 1905, it broke records that seemed impossible for a steam powered engine. When the famous train disappeared in 1912, the unexplainable mishap was covered up and never accounted for.

When the 20th Century Limited started picking up new passengers from across time and space six months ago, no one expected to be trapped onboard with no idea where the train would stop next.

"Welcome aboard the 20th Century Limited! Please enjoy your trip!"

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