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Kismet, U.S.A. - An AU Heroes & Villains Game [28 Jan 2014|11:50am]

Kismet, U.S.A.


Kismet, U.S.A. is an AU Heroes & Villains role-playing game set in the fictional city of Kismet, located in the center of the United States. Established in 1882 by west moving settlers, this once peaceful city was named after the settlers' belief in karma: whatever you do comes back to you. For years, citizens of this city coexisted peacefully; crime rates were extremely low, leading citizens to believe they didn't need a large police force.

When the mob moved into Kismet, they took advantage of the lack of authorities; within a matter of years, Kismet turned sour, and without a police force to handle a sudden explosion of crime, the city crippled under corruption and greed. Criminals began flocking to the city in hopes of using their stealth and talents to make a name for themselves; with the criminals came the vigilantes who hoped to redeem Kismet and return it back to being the tranquil place that it once was.

Today, Kismet exists suspended within a constant battle of good versus evil.

Who will prevail?

Game opens February 2014.
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[28 Jan 2014|05:39pm]
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