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[27 Jan 2014|08:20pm]

The Governor of Hawaii bids you 'Aloha'.

You were just minding your own business. Maybe you were at work, or perhaps at home taking care of your family. You might have even been dead. But now you're waking up in a really nice apartment with an ocean view right outside of your window. Surprise, you're in Hawaii. That beach is Waikiki, and you've found a note from Governor Denning, welcoming you to the mystical islands in the South Pacific. You don't know how you got here, no one does, as a matter of fact, but everyone is telling you that you can't go back to where you're from, and you cannot go anywhere in the world except to the other Hawaiian Islands.

Is it paradise? Is it a trap? Do you move on with life and enjoy your time here or do you fight to find answers and a way back home?

The 5-0 Taskforce, Hawaii's special police, have been assigned to protect the islands from possible threat of whoever is sending people here. The problem is being handled, they have no reason to assume that there is anything sinister going on. It might just be really good PR, but it's all anyone will tell you. You may or may not take comfort in it, you may or may not believe it, but you'd best get used to it. The Governor has got a tight lid on this situation, and if he says you need to go to a few Luau's and meet a few more natives, then that's what you'd better do. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a holding cell in the task force's special headquarters, where they'll keep you until you promise to behave.

There will be love and loss yet, and there will be more questions than answers. The fact remains that those of us who are trapped here need to stick together. We need to get one another through this ordeal, or else things will not end will. There may or may not be a chance of going home after this, but if there isn't, there has to be a way to adapt and keep people from killing one another in the mean time. Right?


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