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[28 Jun 2008|12:00am]

Looking for a new take on role play?

Imagine if Aziraphale and Crowley (read: angel and demon) decided to make a human chess game? The Eternal Adversaries have set up an epic game, pulling creatures from across the universe to act as their pieces, from kings and queens to knights and rooks and pawns. No knowledge (or even understanding) of chess is required! The epic chess game is merely a back drop to tie the game together.

The game is pan fandom, and accepts original characters with a bit of backstory displayed for others to get to know the character. The only catch is, there are no super natural powers, aside from Aziraphale and Crowley, themselves. All other characters lose any and all supernatural powers upon entering the game, which takes place in an isolated mental health asylum. Characters must assume human form, and can fill roles as either staff or patients in the facility, named J'Adoube. J'Adoube is a chess term, uttered when a player wishes to adjust a piece on the board without having to play that piece after touching it. Staff roles can be filled by anyone, as neither Aziraphale nor Crowley are known to play fair, they can bend credentials at will, to suit their needs. Both staff and patients will be represented by the chess game pieces.

It is up to the individual muns to decide if Aziraphale has called their character to the side of Good, or if Crowley has called the character to the side of Evil. Again this is a ploy, a means to tie the game together. Azirphale and Crowley may call up whomever they wish, irregardless of the character's history. Aziraphale is not limited to good or righteous characters, Crowley is not limited to dark and twisted characters. Once decided, you can not change which of the angel or demon brought your character to the institute, but alliances can change, as time goes on. Characters can resist the force they were brought to, or they can embrace it. This is one of those things that will have to work itself out as the game progresses.

Interested? I bet you are! Come on then, take a look. The app is simple, and approvals should happen within the day.

[info]j_adoube for all your modly news and needs.
[info]thecheckerboard for random message board posts between characters.
[info]thecoffeehouse for logging scenes.
[info]thepawns for meta
[info]thedesperado for OOC.

Chess Pieces, Symbolic to the game
Room Assignments
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Pandemansion a Panfandom RPG [28 Jun 2008|02:01pm]

The gods are up to no good again. A large conference was called, many showed up, many others deemed it not worth their precious time. The proceedings were long, drawn out and arguments were had. Many plans were drawn up, discussed, thrown out and redone. One plan was finally agreed upon.

A plan that would change the course of a chosen few of their followers.

All the worlds, all the times, beings could feel the pull. The mansion called, beckoned them to a time in paradise, held them within the confines of the island. Here only the mansion ruled, ever changing, ever listening, and all knowing.

Welcome to Pandemansion.

[Wanted Characters][Mansion Layout][Application][Taken/Held Characters][PB Table][Posting Guidelines][Rules][FAQs][Taken Rooms][Timeline][Contact Info (FO)][Friend Add (FO)][On Hiatus (FO)]

Our start date was March 14. We're still accepting holds and applications, so do come and join the madness! Small plots will be added every few day changes so there will always be something to do.

Adds to be done on 07/01/08!

[[info]pandemod - Mod Journal][[info]pandemansion - Main RPG Community][[info]pandemansionooc - OOC Community][[info]pandenpc - NPC Journal]
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