Nov. 9th, 2009


Five Ficlets: Mercverse Plushies

More ficlets.

Sugar )

Spice )

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Puppy" )

Coo )

Sugar: Duo and Zack
Duo from Gundam Wing
Zack from FF7

Spice: Gene and Zack
Gene from Outlaw Star
Zack from FF7

Puppy: Naruto and Vash
Naruto from Naruto
Vash from Trigun

Coo: Goku and Gojyo
Goku from Saiyuki
Gojyo from Saiyuki


Five Ficlets: Mercverse

Five Ficlets: [info]yuenoclow: Mercverse

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”Snowflake” )

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CTA: Packmates

Next part of Getting Together Arc. Time for the twins to show up. Whee! Next up is Seph, and I have plans for him already.

Packmates )


CTA: Get Them While They're Young

Well, here's the first of the Coming Together Arc, where we get to see my idea of how the group connected with each other. Here's Cloud and Zack, the original pair.

Get Them While They're Young )
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Fic: Stupid People

Because I got showed that awesome art(Go here! It is art by [info]luco_millian), I wrote more Mercverse. Cloud's a snarky little thing. Hope you enjoy this one as well.

Stupid People )