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13 June 2012 at 12:51 pm
[Good afternoon, Marina! Today, there's a transmission from Robin. He's sitting in the park and...okay is he really covered in robins? Yes, yes he is. There's one on each shoulder, one on his head and a few scattered around his legs as he sits on the ground.

Instead of looking irritated, he just chuckles a little and smiles at the camera.]

I just thought everyone would appreciate the visual pun of Robin covered in robins. I swear I didn't plan this-- they just flew over to me. Good thing it's only for a day. I couldn't get anything done while covered in robins.

How about you guys? Any interesting encounters today?

[Should you venture to the park, you'll see Robin sitting under a tree with his robins. He's kind of given up trying to shake them off. They just flock back or follow him around. Fortunately, he does like robins and, well, most animals. Feel free to run into him, maybe literally. Just don't mess with the robins; he won't like that.]
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13 June 2012 at 01:33 pm
elena gilbert
[ Elena is kneeling on a patch of grass and tickling a kitten's tummy with her fingers. The weather's nice, much nicer than it's been, and if she's honest she's enjoying the warmth and clear skies of the dome so far today. Although she'd rather be enjoying them anywhere else, like home. Even she's getting tired of remembering home with an aching longing at this point. Mostly because she needs to deal with this, and not just for her - for Caroline now too.

Which is why she's here, to confront the fact some adjusting must happen. This is still kind of the cutest thing, so when the small furball's ineffectual paws start swiping at the back of her hand, she nearly smiles. But no, instead she cocks her head to the side and shoots the tuxedo kitten a raised-brow kind of look, because:

She has Damon here drawling on about something behind her, and she needs to share this snarky see, that's Damon for you look with someone who might understand.
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13 June 2012 at 06:13 pm
Sougo Okita » King of the Planet of Sadists
[Sougo is busy ripping tiny pieces of meat and setting them down on the ground. The pieces make a trail leading to a raw fish underneath a trap with a box, stick, and string.

He then sits on the ground nearby to watch a cat start to take interest in his little set up.

Sougo has his communicator turned so that everyone watches this cat fall for his trap. Maybe.]
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13 June 2012 at 09:41 pm
[ Something had happened a few days ago. Something had snapped. She felt free and a Diva should never, ever, hold her self back. What she wanted, she took. What she needed, she grasped.

This… politeness was done for.

So she simply ignored the network and the disgusting display of animal love and showed up on Miranda's doorstep. It's a shame she's not there, however, and it's a shame she had to break down the door. Her temper simply isn't the best today. Flicking through Miranda's things, she idly turned on the voice option, speaking… ]

You're not here; are you hiding? I had so much I wanted to say… But if it's a game you want, I'll play. It won't take me long. [ she laughed and cut the feed, snatching up a fluttering scarf from the dresser. It's time to go a hunting! ]

((ooc: Feel free to hit her up in action before she makes it to Miranda's apartment or answer her voice post directly. Everything after that is limited to the scripted parties. As previously discussed. If there's something you want to do or see before the end, please hit up my HMD or private plurk me. This is the end game for Diva. Thank-you everyone!))