March 31st, 2017

[info]flowrite in [info]kiseki_ooc

+1 cycloptic vampire wizard prince

Hi everyone, new person here! I go by JC and I come from the faraway land of Dreamwidth. I'm here to bring you everyone's favorite vampire wizard, Fai from TRC. He just recently lost almost everything he's ever cared about, and his boyfriend bff ninja just did something incredibly stupid and adorable to save his life, so he's going to be in a bit of emotional overload for a while just fyi. I'm sure most of you/all of you? know this dork already but his stats thing is here if you're curious at all.

He can also sense magic/special abilities, so if you'll do me a favor and comment on his stats post with any info he might be able to sense about your kids, or if you'd rather opt out, it would be appreciated!

As for me, I'm still slowly learning to navigate IJ and I'm not entirely used to the way you guys do things around here, so any help/pointers would be loved. I'd also love to add everyone ever on plurk if you're cool with that! And I look forward to plotting horrible wonderful shenanigans :3