February 15th, 2017

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Hiatus and Drop

Hey, guys, I've been pretty terrible activity wise lately, even considering how quiet things are right now, so I'm gonna drop Goku. He might come back eventually, but I just wasn't really getting anywhere with him for the time being. I had a lot of fun with him though! Sorry!

Time is staying, but I'm putting her on hiatus for a couple of weeks while I get my brain in order. She'll be sleeping in an egg, Tokitoki napping quietly next to her.

Basically, happy belated Valentines Day, Sebastian, I got you what you always wanted.

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JL here to make my absence these days official, I've been all over the place while working on A Thing that needs my attention.

I'm also gonna be away for the weekend, as I won't be at my house. I'll have internet access and all, but chances are I'll be distracted too.