July 31st, 2016

[info]remembrances in [info]kiseki_ooc

drops + tentative end of hiatus

I feel like OOC posts are all I've made in the past two months... but! hi guys, Celen here again, this time with a healthy mix of bad news and good news. to everyone who's on my plurk (which is... pretty much all of you, oops) none of this should come as a surprise, but due to starting a new job that will be taking a good chunk of my spare time, I can't with good conscience juggle all my characters.

that means some of them have to go home for now, and that fate falls on Sansa and Bucky -- I love both and love the CR they've made in the game, thank you all so, so much for playing with them and making their experience in this game as amazing as it has been. ♥

but! so it's not just sad news, I'll be trying to start tagging around again with my remaining two (Stiles and Sorey, in case... that needed clarifying lmao); I'm dropping pretty much everything to start from scratch, though if there's any particular thread you'd like me to keep tagging, please let me know! I want to apologize for pretty much not existing since early June, I'll do my very best to boost my activity for August. I also welcome all plotting to help me get back to the swing of things, thanks in advance everyone!