January 31st, 2016

[info]goodanswer in [info]kiseki_ooc

slowatus turned hiatus

Urgh so it seems that the combination of still drowning in work and this stupid cold that doesn't seem to be going anywhere is resulting in me mainly staring at my tags and managing the pace of perhaps one or two tags per day, which... yeah, it's not really that great.

And the added pressure of knowing I should be doing tags isn't helping, which is why my slowatus from before is now a full hiatus -- I'll still be trying to get my backtags done and everything, but until I get my health back in order and the piles of work out of the way, please be prepared for a rather glacial pace for those (though tbh so it has been for these past few weeks already sigh).

This shouldn't last much longer than a couple of weeks, hopefully! Sorey and Constance will be on autopilot, Bucky and Stiles will sleep away* (to Sebastian's great delight, I'm sure). Thank you all so much for your patience ♥

* in the "suspended animation" kind of way, not the "suddenly die in their sleep" way. just to clarify.