January 25th, 2016

[info]soularpower in [info]kiseki_ooc

Back in black~ or Victorian lace anyway

C-combo break. ;_;

So, Fennec here, doing this a little backwards and announcing my return from a long, unannounced hiatus. Sorry for disappearing on everybody, I had a RL emergency that made it extremely difficult to RP, and had to take time off to take care of that. Thankfully, almost all is well again! The absence has been cleared by the lovely, understanding mods and I'm now back in the thick of tagging.

As for his older tags, I'll be poking through those in a few days or so. Please feel free to ignore any tags you get from him if you feel the thread's too old to continue.

So basically, tl;dr: Ciel is open for shenanigans again, poke me where you want him to go. ~(˘▾˘~)