January 21st, 2016

[info]vulgarian in [info]kiseki_ooc

-1 smartass mechanic

Hey guys!

I have enjoyed meeting and playing with you all! Unfortunately I don't think I'm up to the pace of the game. Please friend remove vulgarian & know that you are all seriously awesome.

Stark Mechanics, the suit and Dum-e are left to Leo.

It's been real
Love from Ca


[info]disectarian in [info]kiseki_ooc


It's with regret that I will have to drop as well. My schedule is too packed right now to keep up with anything since I resumed school. While it's great that no one has called me out on this, I don't want to slink by with Steve for another three months until my schedule clears up again. If the slot is open in May, I'll be happy to return with Steve or maybe even another character.

Until then, this is goodbye. Bucky can have Steve's shield if he'd like.

- Rose