November 2nd, 2014

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Hello, dropping by to link to Pan's special permissions post, since we have a ton of new characters which weren't covered. This is purely to give me an idea of anything you might wanna play with him, but it's not a mandatory poll by any means.

If you're unfamiliar with the character and have no idea what I'm talking about, please see his game stats post for more info on him.

That would be all, thank you.

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+1 blonde moon rabbit

Hello Kiseki!

I'm Ryn and I'm brand spanking new. I'm bringing one (1) Usagi Tsukino, the amazing Sailor Moon with me! Usagi's from mooooostly post canon, except she's neither a) married or b) pregnant. It's a nebulous canon point where they're hugging and all alive again. Yay! I heard about Kiseki a couple months ago on an ATP post, but due to RL things never got around to apping till now!

I play Usagi around on DW a bit as moonbeams (formerly moonlightdestiny) so if any of you play there you might have run into me there as well! She's still herself albeit a little more mature than she is in the beginning. I tend to use a mashup of anime/manga/SMC icons because i'm a loser.

Please please please feel free to add me on plurk @ efflorescence as I'm easy to reach there or on AIM @ ravishingreverie I have skype, but prefer to give that out on a less open basis since it's a more private messenger for me.