December 14th, 2011

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/is predictable forever

Hey! JL here. In a move that surprises no-one (although it took a whole lot longer than I originally planned), I'm picking up Hiroyasu Ueda from Chobits! He'll be arriving from the fourth volume, right before that talk he has with Hideki where he tells him about his awful, awful past.

I'll be introing him later today, since we're almost at AC and it seems dumb to not just wait a couple more hours :'|

For now, just add this guy \o/

P.S.: Is anyone still working at the previous Ueda's bakery? 'Cause I think Yuzu and Touya were the last stable workers there, but they both left, so ._.a What happened with that?

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FAILURE. i has it


So I've been sort of MIA of late and wanted to apologize for that. It's definitely not a trend I want to pick up (again?) or anything. I did want to let everyone know that I did see everyone's replies to the plotting thread, so they haven't went unnoticed. I just failed at responding (plz begin kicking my butt here).

That said! If there is something that someone needs/wants backdated PLEASEEEE let me know. Otherwise I'm liable to move on and just start improving my activity from here and on. Likewise if there is something you had wanted done or to do now don't hesitate to poke me as well.

Kind of want to plot a bit more in-depth with people about the healing processes and if anyone has any ideas on how they would like to begin or taking those steps! (Of course me getting my butt into gear and responding is a good start ='))

As well as! I wanted to throw my plurk out and AIM out since that's where I do a lot of my plotting. I can't get MSN currently, but I miss being able to talk to everyone in chat. ;;

Plurk: Kittendreamz
AIM: Aibyoukaonigiri

So basically...this is an "I'm sorry I've sucked lately" post OTL

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ETA: Sorry guys, posted in the wrong spot. If you signed up before, throw your name in again?