April 13th, 2011

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Okay, I mentioned it in chat a little, but I'd better make it official here. I'm calling hiatus for a few weeks. The next two weeks I will be sewing like a madwoman to get ready for Sakura Con, plus packing like a madwoman because I'm moving at the same time (why, self, why??). After that, I will be cleaning current apartment like a madwoman. Sooo, I'd just better step back until I can actually focus on stuff here. I don't think I really have any important-ish threads going on, so am I allowed to just disappear and then reappear and catch up? Also, my new app will happen once hiatus is done, naturally. :D

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Notice for injured characters!

Better get this up before too much time has passed:

As most of you know, this girl has healing powers (that were mostly shut down during our last event). Since they should be working again now, and since it would be very OOC for her not to do it, anyone who wants their characters' injuries healed is free to assume she's helped with that in the past few days. They'd be good as new, with no scars or anything.

To anyone who wants their characters to heal the normal, slow way - Fuu still would like to try to help them, but we can say that Kiseki is still being all "no u 8D" and not letting her, or that their wounds are too old for her to heal by now?