June 17th, 2009

[info]kienaide in [info]kiseki_ooc


Most of you already knew this, but w/e, it's official now. I'm picking up Dad!Syaoran. This also means that tiny!Real!Syaoran will be going home, so, add [info]kienaide and remove [info]unmeinohito o/

Just a quick note; Paparan will be arriving in his teenager form. I don't like using pics from other characters if I can avoid it, so he does have adult!icons. BUT. HE'S SUPPOSED TO LOOK THE SAME AS THE OTHER SYAORANS, KAY.

[info]littlewanwan in [info]kiseki_ooc


What is-

I don't even-

Soooooooo, multiple choice question for you all:
What is Robin thinking right now?
a) fuck my life
b) omg why is he so cute and teeny
c) my character list is over 9000!!!1
d) can't let JL to have all the Syaoran-shaped fun
e) all of the above

Just add him. I don't even know why I bother resisting things anymore.