May 12th, 2009

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kinda failed at the semi-hiatus

so am full-hiatusing two weeks early, sadly. You guys won't see me around for another month now, and during this time I'll gradually wear away to the size of a grain of rice. And I'll be rusty and all that. BUT HEY THAT IS LIFE AND THE BRITISH SCHOOL SYSTEM FOR YA.

As of this post, Sakura, Fay and Oruha will have all. Poofed. From Kiseki. Sorry guys, we love you really, and we'll be back, at least. ;3;♥

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"Also still without internet orz. This past weekend was a fluke because Best Western has free wireless and I didn't bring any homework on the trip so... Free time and wireless that my parents can't mess with. Now I'm back home and things aren't quite so nice. At this point it's looking like no access until I graduate >_> which would be June 12th. Unless I fail. -_-

We're not even gonna discuss that one.

So yeah that's what's going on."

That's the status update on Adri. So for the time being, Yukito is going to offically poof back to Clow Country. Sob.