Wed, May. 16th, 2012, 01:42 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: ART and FIC: "The Life She Chose" for femmequixotic

Recipient: [info]femmequixotic
Artist/Author: [info]chazpure
Title: The Life She Chose
Rating: G
Pairings: Eileen/Tobias
Warnings/Content Information (Highlight to View): * None*.
Summary: Her reasons were her own and no one else's business.
Artist's/Author's Notes:: 4 Pencil drawings, colored in Photoshop - plus a 325 word ficlet.

The Life She Chose )

Sun, May. 8th, 2011, 01:22 pm
[info]beholder_mod: ART: "One Spring Day" for chibitoaster/littleblackbow

Recipient: chibitoaster/littleblackbow
Artist: [info]sealcat
Title: One Spring Day
Rating: G/PG
Pairings:Eileen Prince and Tobias Snape
Warnings/Content Information (Highlight to View): *None......*.
Medium: Markers on paper.
Summary:A photo taken on one of the spring days.
Artist's Notes: Dear chibitoaster / littleblackbow, hope you like this fanart, and please forgive my drawing skill, I still couldn't catch their essence very well.
P.s. I know they don't have color photos at that time yet, but we could pretend it is a sort of stilled wizardry photo?

One Spring Day )

Wed, Apr. 27th, 2011, 03:13 pm
[info]beholder_mod: FIC: "Triptych" for tarteaucitron

Recipient: [info]tarteaucitron / [info]girl_tarte
Author: Kelly Chambliss
Title: Triptych
Rating: R
Pairings: Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape; Eileen Prince/Sybill Trelawney
Word Count: 14,050
Warnings/Content Information (Highlight to View): *one episode of spousal abuse*
Summary: He hadn't married the girl for love, Tobias was the first to admit it.
Author's Notes: [info]tarteaucitron, you said you like stories that "illuminate canon" and that "focus on buried emotions and resentments, frustrated ambitions, or awkward compromises" -- so out of your list of characters, I immediately thought of Eileen and Tobias; I suspect "resentment" and "frustration" pretty much define their lives. I tried to work in the "alternative p.o.v.s," too. I hope the result is something like you had in mind.

Thank you to my excellent beta-readers.


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Wed, May. 5th, 2010, 01:28 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: FIC: "Charming a Prince" for snapesgirl_62

Recipient: [info]snapesgirl
Author/Artist: [info]chazpure
Title: Charming a Prince
Rating: R
Pairings: Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape
Word Count: 16,000+
Warnings: smoking, fingering, first time, frottage
Summary: Tobias had been sent away from danger into a strange world he'd never known, where he met a most unusual girl.
Author's/Artist's Notes: For [info]snapesgirl, who wrote, "I have this fantasy where Tobias and Eileen had a good marriage, their parents were the ones always fighting with them." That made me wonder how they might have got to that point. I hope you enjoy the result! Many thanks to my beta; any errors remaining are mine alone. And many, many thanks to [info]bethbethbeth for running this great fest - and for her incredible patience, forbearance and understanding!

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