Aug. 15th, 2011


Tell me what you find when you read my mind

Who: Emma Frost and Delia Summercourt
Where: D.C, a small café
When: Morning of day 3?
What: Delia is just trying to eat her breakfast in peace, but when Emma Frost walks in, it can be assumed that this will not happen.
(Ooc note: I wrote this and had it ready, so tell me if you want me to change anything!)

Jul. 30th, 2011


Who: Elsa Krauss and anyone else who might want to join in.
Where: New York City - inside of a bank.
When: Day 3
What: As part of her effort to start a real life (as opposed to a life traveling with the freak show) Elsa has set out to open an account for herself. She doesn’t know just yet that she’s walking into a robbery.
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Who: Raven Darkholme, Logan Howlett, & Felix Jäger
Where: The Shreveport Police Station
When: Evening, just after the riot
Rating: PG
Summary: Raven infiltrates the Shreveport Police Station as Sheriff Kemp to look at look at the files on the James murder, just when Logan has the excellent timing to bring in a bounty.

Her eye caught on a polished plaque, extolling some merit of excellence, with the sheriff's name engraved in the metal. Briskly, she ripped it off the wall. A pirouetted glance around the room located the trash bin and she dropped the award into it. Thoughroughly satisfying, but not what she'd come for. )

Jul. 29th, 2011


Who: Hank McCoy and Charles Xavier.
Where: Midflight; American Airlines.
When: Day One; January 15th, 1963
Rating: Teen.
Summary: Hank and Charles come to realize that while Plan A is possible, it’s also naively optimistic.
Have I ever told you about the night that Raven and I met, Hank? )


Who: Dr. Nell Green, Charles Xavier, and Kent Leigh (NPC)
Where: The St. Regis Hotel, Washington DC, United States
When: January 15th, 1963. Late evening into full night - (Day 001, Plot 3, Backdated).
What: Nell has finished giving her Keynote Address and considered it a rousing success for her ego and her career. However, she is thoroughly chastised by her superiors for failing to follow her script to the letter, and is not happy about it at all! Her research assistant, Kent, is trying in vain to help. Charles sees an opportunity.

Jul. 20th, 2011


Backscene: Old fashioned feelings with old fashioned meanings

Who: John Sutton and Delia Summercourt
Where: The city of Love. How ironic.
When: Summer of 1961
What: Algerian freedom-activists are demanding Algeria's freedom from the French Empire and tensions are high in Paris. Undercover as a married couple, John and Delia are about to run into more trouble than the ordinary marital squabbles over money and who's to make the dishes.

Oh, though you were surrounded by beauty unbounded... )

Jul. 15th, 2011


Backscene: These Chains that Hold Me

Who: Logan, Elliot Ashdown
Where: A prison in Trieste, Italy
When: May 13, 1960
Summary: It isn’t the first time Logan’s found himself in prison. Elliot comes to interview the recent arrival to the Trieste prison.
Rating: T for language

Being locked up as a run-of-the-mill criminal was preferable to being poked and prodded like an experiment )

Jul. 9th, 2011


reap what you sow

Who: Sheriff Kemp (NPC) and Open Magneto.
Where: The Kemp home, Shreveport Suburbs.
When: Just after the police station riot: Day 2, 2 a.m.
Rating: MA at the moment, but not for long. Pervasive, but mild language. One instance of strong language.
Summary: The Sheriff gets a phone call from Esther Downs, the night-secretary at the Shreveport Police Department. On his way to his vehicle, someone takes advantage of both the late hour and his solitude.
Mod Note: This thread is open to anyone seeking a little vigilante justice on -or 'private questioning' of- our Sheriff. Should a playable character not wish to reply, an NPC will be responsible for the attack on Kemp. News of his attack will spread by 9 a.m. Kemp will be alone in a hospital room by 2pm.

Each house sat neatly between two identical homes and two identical driveways. The only things that distinguished his own house from those of his immediate neighbors was the parked police cruiser and the polished brass 105 above the doorbell. )

Jun. 30th, 2011


Who: Elsa Krauss and Open
Where: the X-Mansion, or at least the driveway, at the moment
When: Present time. I’m not exactly sure of when that is, but I’ll edit once I find out.
Rating: G at the moment
Summary: For the first time in her entire life, Elsa is traveling alone. Her parents have passed on and she has decided that she is going to seek out Charles Xavier. She is just arriving right now with no prior notice to her visit. Surprise!
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Jun. 27th, 2011


Day 1 - 003

Who: Dr. Nell Green, Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy, Elliot Ashdown, others TBD
Where: Washington, DC - The St. Regis Hotel, CIA Scientific Expo
When: Tuesday, January 15, 1963.
Rating: G for now
Summary: The CIA's scientific Expo at the St. Regis Hotel - the CIA has announced that the existence of mutants is confirmed. This thread concerns the Keynote Address by Dr. Nell Green at 7:00 pm, following dinner and this announcement. The address is entitled "An In-Depth Analysis of Neuroelectricity - A Case Study of Telepathy and Its Implications For Technology and the future of Information Brokerage" and concerns analysis of the brain activity Subject Blue Eyes (THAT'S YOU CHARLES) and the advancements made by CIA technology. It will dynamically break up the content of Nell's speech into multiple posts. Players may interact during her speech at their respective tables or with their companions - react to the speech, the surrounds, each other, what have you!

Jun. 26th, 2011


Who: Felix Jäger, Remy LeBeau, possible others.
Where: Shreveport, Louisiana.
When: January 15, 1963.
Rating: PG-13 for safety.
Summary: If the police aren't properly investigating Dorothy James' murder, other people have taken it upon themselves to do their job for them.

Some people figured Louisiana was always hot the way it was in the summer. )


Who: Ororo Munroe, Elliot Ashdown, and others TBA
Where:New York City, streets Broadway
When: January 15, 1963
Rating: G, PG
Summary: The recruitment of Storm

Skeptical At First )


Who: Elliot Ashdown and Charles Xavier.
Where: X-mansion,
Westchester county.
When: December 26 1962, back dated.
Rating: G, maybe PG for occasional curse words.
Summary: Elliot arrives a day early to her appointment at the X-mansion.


Jun. 21st, 2011



Who: Charles Xavier and Jean Grey (Age 11)
Where: Grey family home; Annandale-on-Hudson
When: Summer, 1958. Five years ago.
Rating: Teen.
Summary: After completing his doctoral studies in psychology, Charles Xavier is contacted by a friend of the Grey family. Their daughter Jean has been hearing voices in her head, and in 1958, there aren't many treatments for perceived mental illness that aren't... radical.

The family here was in crisis, and he all but heard their silent cries for help behind their closed doors and shut windows. The family's collective stiff upper-lip did nothing to quiet them. )

Jun. 17th, 2011


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