January 15th, 2023

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Considering dusting this old girl off if anyone would be interested in playing Bane against her. It would obviously be something AU that tweaks the ending of The Dark Knight Rises, but just how much we alter is up for discussion.

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Where all my Weasleys at?

I would love to see some more HP cast @[info]dragoncorp!

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ignore journal looking for Labyrinth lines

Please ignore the journal, I just didn't want to make a new one if I didn't get any interest but I'm looking for a Labyrinth line - I have a few ideas and am more than happy to brainstorm, one is based on the idea Jareth lost his original soulmate Sarah and has been trying to replace her/find her again for centuries - with me playing a new Sarah perhaps one that wishes herself away and is more amenable to his offer, or an older Sarah who's fallen on tough times and so ends up back in the Underground.

Not just looking to write against Jareth -a new king, prince or other member of the goblin nobility would be great.

Not limited to the ideas above either, if there are any Jareth's out there looking for something specific.

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looking for lines with or similar to the following with original characters: sansa stark/roose bolton, sansa stark/petyr baelish (littlefinger), alicent hightower/aemond targaryen, rhaenyra targaryen/daemon targaryen, daenerys targaryen/viserys ii targaryen, daenerys targaryen/jorah mormont, and an original idea with a villain obsessed with his older sister.

looking to play the female roles and more details in the journal. feel free to comment here or here.

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