May 11th, 2010

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Okay. So. I have a few crazy slashy crossover tv show PSLs and Group PSLs in mind that I would definitely love to attempt! Pairings, threesomes, and group PSL ideas under the cut!

Venture onward if fans of Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and/or Charmed! )

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House MD line? Current season? House/Original? I would play the original, male or female. I have some ideas in mind.

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Sorry to post again so soon, but...

...I've got a few more pleas / ideas.

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to play The Master (John Simm face, please!) from Doctor Who against an OC of some sort? Or as a crossover?

Also, I am looking for a well written Jacob Black to play against my Rosalie Hale. The Twilight craze may have died down, but I'm a sucker for rewriting and AU and making things what they should have been / more interesting than they were. Less interestingly, I'll take a Carlisle Cullen against my Esmee or my Rosalie or an Emmett against my Rosalie.

I love crossovers and am interested in many fandoms. Toss what you've got at me.

I'm open to other suggestions as well. Please comment here with your AIM name or your ideas as only people on my buddy list can see me. Comments are screened.

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I'm looking for a Scott Summers. Awhile back, I was involved in a PSL set between Wolverine and the first X-Men movie; where Scott ran into Emma Frost before he became exclusively involved with Jean. Any takers?

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Looking for a certain socially awkward, genius level forensic anthropologist by the name of Temperance Brennan. Know where I could find one of those?

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I wouldn't mind a Sherlock Holmes line or even Harry Potter. I've got a preference toward slash lins right now.

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Probably some odd requests but...

Would anyone be willing to play someone against Hank Pym? Preferably slash but I might be persuaded to do het. I also have a Bucky that's just dying to be played... or Johnny Storm. I play a few females too.

DC: An Ivy for my Harley? Joker or Batman or Riddler for my Harvey? Anyone for Jason Todd... or I would KILL for a Boostle line.

Doctor Who: Anyone for my Martha Jones? A Master or Jack for my Doctor or Handy?

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Looking for a couple more lines to fill. Really interested in House, MD and Lost lines at the moment. Check the journal for more fandoms and lines to get some ideas.

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Hi all! Check out my journal.

Some wanted lines:

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long shot but would anyone be interested in a glee psl?

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