Aug. 12th, 2007


Rules and Community Info

I've started this community because despite what I've seen on other journaling sites I don't believe that fandom is all about wank and hate, or that having fun necessarily means being cruel to other people.

This community is to give all fandoms a place to discuss anything fandom related. It doesn't have to be only things we're happy with but it does have to be discussed without wank and flaming.

Community Rules

What You Can Post )

What You Can't Post )

To be clear if myself or a mod believe you have purposely set out to create wank here, the post will be deleted and you will be banned. No warnings.

For everything else you'll be warned for the first offense; second offense you'll be moderated, this creates more work for us so it will make us unpleasant so don't do it; third offense is banning.

Now for those rules, I understand that things you don't think should be wank-y can move in that direction so we won't be deleting you immediately if that happens. I'm talking about those posts of "Look what this idiot did" or "X is a F****** B****" Or "look how bad this fic is" those are meant to hurt from the beginning and will get you immediately deleted. If real debate/discussion starts to deteriorate to that we'll warn you to be careful of where it's going first.

Everything will run more smoothly if we use tags. Below are a list of tags already created for this comm. But please tag with what fandom you're discussing or reccing for if it's one specific fandom not general for everyone.
art rec artist rec author rec fic rec
meta discussion multi-fandom site or community pimping

Remember the point of this community is to have fun and enjoy our fandom.


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