Jan. 19th, 2009


Dear Icon Makers...

I posted this in my own journal, and [info]yourlibrarian  suggested I post it here as part of [info]metametameta  's IJ Asylum meme. So here I am!

Jan. 24th, 2008


Vampire Hunter D
Revolutionary Girl Utena

Friends Only Banners
Hiatus Banner

I told the witch doctor I was in love with you )

Jan. 14th, 2008


Multi-Fandom Fan Fiction Poll

I've posted a poll in my personal journal about how people choose fics. Because, you know, I'm curious as to how other people do their choosing. If you'd like to fill the poll out (and, really, I'd like you to like to fill the poll out), you can go here. Thanks!

(Also, feel free to spread the word anywhere you want.)

Dec. 23rd, 2007


A Question Regarding JM Concert DVD's (Reposted by Request)

OK, so I talked to Steve Himber about doing a DVD of James in concert next year and he kind of shrugged at the idea. He thinks no one is interested in a concert DVD of James because the last one didn't sell well.... Ahem.

I want to prove to him otherwise. I told him it would sell if I made it... (no false modesty here!) So, now I must put my money where my mouth is! Hopefully with a lot of your help.

If you are interested in a DVD like this--a GOOD concert one--or if you aren't interested, please send me a short email telling me why you would or wouldn't buy such a DVD. If not, what would you be willing to spend your money on? Please be honest and don't say you'll buy one (provided the product is as advertised and what you are looking for) if you have no real intent to do so.

Please send this request out to every group, BB or whatever that you belong, friends you konw who are not online to that would be likely to respond. It's my goal to get a ton of replies to take to Steve! And to get the chance to do this project for all of us!

Patti :)

Send replies to:

Nov. 9th, 2007



Well it happened. I think I may have gone off my rocker. Now I know I have heard of those elusive critters everyone refers to so I guess they must exist. Heck every once in a while out of the corner of my eye I think I might have seen one, but was never sure.

Well.... Last night in the middle of an Oh So nice dream this thing with floppy ears jumps up in my face waving its paws and won't go away no matter how hard I try. I tell it its interfering with a wonderful dream that I really want to finish, but does it listen NO! It now starts bouncing around me giving me a look like "WAKE UP I need you to do something". Me I figure if I ignore it long enough it will get tired and I can go back to my dream.

Well it seemed to work, but next thing I know I am in my dream sitting at a table, Laptop open and ideas bouncing around in my noggin!! HU?? this isn't the dream I wanted to finish. Whats going on??? And then I see this flash of floppy ears out of the corner of my eye and turn my head and see the damn thing sitting there with a look on its face of "Told ya so".

Sigh. I am no author. I have NO writing skills. I couldn't keep a dialog or decent conversation going if my life depended on it and I tell the stupid looking thing this. It flops over and types one word... CHALLENGE!!

Oh, Ok. I get it. Don't need a ton of bricks dropped on my head. So I give up any hope of finishing my dream (in the back of my mind I am thinking this is a dream anyway so I won't even remember it in the morning" so I agree to put the idea out there and see what happens. Next morning do I forget... Nope its still buzzing around so...

Here it is. Harry/Draco of course. "Duel of the Senses" Here is what I cant get out of my brain and if anyone feels the desire to take this and run with it I would be ever so grateful! (Don't want that floppy eared pest popping up in my dreams again).

Title: Duel of the Senses (Or any title you want)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Set: Prior to DH probably around the time of 'The Half-Blood Prince'
Rating: NC-17 (Up to you but I do love good H/D scenes)
Disclaimer: All the general stuff needed.
Summery: Draco find a way to finally win a dual with Harry.

Plot ideas: After loosing another duel to Potter in DADA, Draco comes up with a plan to challenge Harry to a very specific type of spell duel. It involves spells that only effect the senses. No spells that can specifically cause pain after that anything goes and each spell can only last oh 60 seconds? . First to admit defeat looses and has to be the other persons slave for a day (that way maybe they can both win :grin:) Other rules up to the author.

Draco comes up with some very intense erotic spells to overwhelm Harry. Spells that Harry would NEVER think of using or that they would even exist.

Draco's goals:
Finally win against Potter at something.
Humiliate and embarrass Potter in front of everyone.
Have Potter in his power for a whole day (At LAST!)

Have never issued a challenge and hope I am doing it right. The idea hit me and I can't get it out of my head. Oh so many possibilities and what fun

Sep. 16th, 2007


Oh, one more neat thing in my fandom!!!

Eliza Dushku, who played Faith the Vampire Slayer in both BTVS and Angel, is featured quite a few times in Nickelback's new music video "Rock Star." And, boy, is she working it! She's in a bikini with some kind of black coverlet jacket that's open just enough to see a tease of one side of her chest, and she's leaning on one arm and running her other hand through her hair or, when she's standing, she's swiveling her hips like a belly dancer in slow motion with her hand in her hair. All the people in the video, including her, are lip synching the lyrics. It's got people like Ted Nugent, Gene Simmons, Nelly Furtado, The Naked Cowboy (which city's streets is he on, anyway?), the Playboy Bunnies, Kid Rock, and the guy from ZZ Top who played Angela Montenegro's dad on Bones. (HE even has a SPEAKING part in the SONG!) It's a cool video, and they play it on VH-1 a lot...when VH-1 plays videos....*clears throat*


Before I get in trouble for posting only negative things....*nervous smile*

I just found out there are two Live Journal communities that I hadn't known where there before, and I'm really excited about them because they involve an activity that I used to enjoy in a Yahoo Group of which I used to be a member: sharing favorite episode/character quotes.

The two communities are angel_quotes and buffy_quotes

Sep. 7th, 2007


New Lucius Malfoy Community Pimp!

[info]literati and [info]suki_blue would like to invite you all to take part in the first annual Lucius Malfoy FQF, held at InsaneJournal, at [info]luciusfqf, and co-ordinated at LJ's [info]luciusfqf.

We are now open for prompts. What would you like to read? Comment HERE with a prompt and we’ll add it to the list.

There is no obligation involved with providing prompts - we want as many ideas as you can provide to give the claimants as wide a choice as possible. Non-writers and non-artists are encouraged to prompt too!

Sign-ups for claiming a prompt start 15th September, 2007 and the posting window for all fic and art is December 20th, 2007 until February 15th, 2008.

Choose from Gen, Het, Slash, Mixed Bag; angst, fluff, crack, romance, drama; book canon, film canon, AU; it’s all up to you. Anything goes, so long as it's Lucius-centric. Choose your poison!

[info]luciusfqf :: [info]luciusfqf
because Lucius needs love too!

Join the InsaneJournal for the Fest and the Live Journal for Fest admin, reminders and announcements from the mods.

Aug. 17th, 2007


Bless you.

I tried to start something similar to this in LJ, but only one person joined. I really didn't have the time to pull it off, anyway. Thank you SO MUCH for bringing something positive into fandom again. When I was first introduced to fandom, I was told it was all about people who shared a common love coming together as a family and escaping the crap of the outside world.

Ever since August 2005, I have been experiencing almost more crap in fandom than there is outside fandom. I find that very sad, as I know there are a lot of fans who have a lot of crap in their lives they desperately need to escape, myself included.

There are people with severe physical and emotional pain, people with terminal illness, people who are more or less shut-ins.... Fandom is the only joy they have in their lives. To have some hateful person take it upon himself or herself to make another fan's experience unpleasant is just really, really shameful.

If this post is too personal and/or negative, please let me know. I tried to keep it general and edited it several times to keep it that way.

Aug. 12th, 2007


Intro and Artisitc/Literary Merit?

First let me say hi, now that a few people have joined. I know a couple of you but not all of you and I'm thrilled to see that others are interested in a place for postive fandom discussion.

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Shannon. I run several websites and write fic in both BTVS and HP fandoms.

Anyway, as I think most people know the most recent deletions at LJ have mentioned Artistic Merit and I've seen a lot of views on that. What I've noticed is that I seem to define artistic merit differnetly than many of the people I've seen commenting.

Most of what I've seen are comments saying the drawings were badly rendered. That's how merit is being defined by many people. I don't think that's what was said at all. Artistic Merit to me isn't the quality of the artwork itself. I've seen work by both artists it's very well done in the techical aspects. I was...way back when I first went to college in 1991...an art major. I see the merit question as being more about what is taken a way from seeing these drawings. The story behind it, sort of.

Artistic and Literary merit to me are about the story the work tells. That's why art is being hit harder. It's not about the art being good or bad, it's because there isn't a story behind it. You can read a fic with teen-agers having sex with an adult and see the story, what led to that scene, why this 17 year old made a choice on their own, coercerin wasn't involved; it's a story. With a drawing you don't have that story. You just see the surface, the 17 year old having sex with a 40 year old. If the art is connected to a longer story the results may be different.

Understand, I am not in anyway saying LJ handled it well. They didn't. I'm not even saying those drawings were necessarily child-porn. What I'm questioning is the defiition of Merit.

I'd love to hear other opinions on this, how you all define merit. I know at least one of you does artwork so you must have opinions on this.


Rules and Community Info

I've started this community because despite what I've seen on other journaling sites I don't believe that fandom is all about wank and hate, or that having fun necessarily means being cruel to other people.

This community is to give all fandoms a place to discuss anything fandom related. It doesn't have to be only things we're happy with but it does have to be discussed without wank and flaming.

Community Rules

What You Can Post )

What You Can't Post )

To be clear if myself or a mod believe you have purposely set out to create wank here, the post will be deleted and you will be banned. No warnings.

For everything else you'll be warned for the first offense; second offense you'll be moderated, this creates more work for us so it will make us unpleasant so don't do it; third offense is banning.

Now for those rules, I understand that things you don't think should be wank-y can move in that direction so we won't be deleting you immediately if that happens. I'm talking about those posts of "Look what this idiot did" or "X is a F****** B****" Or "look how bad this fic is" those are meant to hurt from the beginning and will get you immediately deleted. If real debate/discussion starts to deteriorate to that we'll warn you to be careful of where it's going first.

Everything will run more smoothly if we use tags. Below are a list of tags already created for this comm. But please tag with what fandom you're discussing or reccing for if it's one specific fandom not general for everyone.
art rec artist rec author rec fic rec
meta discussion multi-fandom site or community pimping

Remember the point of this community is to have fun and enjoy our fandom.