31 July 2010 @ 09:53 pm
Doctor Who, Torchwood and Star Trek icons rec  
Doctor Who icon recs featuring Mickey, Martha, or both

20 Mickey and Martha icons by [info]dani_meows (if you click on the tag there a few more Mickey and Martha icons in various dr who icon posts but they are mixed with others)

About 25 Mickey and Martha icons (Some are in their own sections, others are group shots.) by [info]blue_siofra of[info]flutterby_icons

Torchwood Icon recs featuring Tosh
Tosh icons by[info]immortalje of [info]je_fic

Star Trek: Reboot, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek: TOS

6 B'Elanna icons by [info]bridgetmkennitt of [info]chromaticicons

George Takei by [info]bridgetmkennitt of [info]chromaticicons

Nine Star Trek reboot by [info]bridgetmkennitt of [info]chromaticicons
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16 July 2010 @ 09:55 am
Recs for The Mentalist, Buffy and Babylon 5  
Am I the first one? :)

I managed to miss both the original posting day and the amnesty period during the last challenge (note to self: do not buy an apartment when you have fannish responsibilities) so I wanted to make sure I don't miss this one as well :)

The Mentalist

Only That Which Is Written in Blood by Kansas42 (Kimball Cho)
The Team's downfall, as seen through Cho's eyes. It's not often that a fic makes me cry, but the last line here just kills me ever single time.

(the fic has also an interesting meta-layer about how The Mentalist is - as usual - a white man's show)

Red Silence by Kansas42 (Kimball Cho)
Cho has migrane. Another good one from the same writer.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Not Much Left by Deird1 (Robin Wood)
A poem about Robin Wood and his mother. I don't often read fannish poems, but this is powerful stuff.

Watched by mispel (Robin Wood)
Robin wants to be like his mother.

Babylon 5

The Stars Her Destination (Catherine Sakai, Catherine/Susan Ivanova)
What happened to Catherine Sakai after Sinclair left for Minbar. A much better story than what we actually got in the tie-in novels :)

I might do another post later with more recs if I remember, but in the meantime, I've recently started a project where I add every fic that I like to my rec list at del.icio.us and one of the tags I'm using there is character of colour. There aren't that many fics under the tag yet, unfortunately, because I'm still in the process of moving my booksmarks there and the fandoms that I have already finished moving - Buffy and Angel - are not exactly known for being filled with fic about CoC...
15 July 2010 @ 03:13 pm
Non-IJers recs post  
If you are without an IJ, never fear. You may post your recs within the comments below and at the end of the month, they'll be gathered together with the other recs and sorted into a masterlist.

Thank you for participating and have fun. :)
13 April 2010 @ 08:19 pm
Astrid Farnsworth  
By: [info]anotheryear 
Fandom: Fringe
Character: Astrid Farnsworth
Contains: Icons, Recs

All of them here at my IJ

By: [info]anotheryear
Fandom: Fringe
Character: Astrid Farnsworth
Contains: Picspam

Large picspam, dial up, beware! See it here at my IJ