05 April 2011 @ 01:47 am
Round 2: Icon batch one: Toshiko Sato: Torchwood.  
Contains Spoilers for TW Season Two: Only a few icons most are from Season One.

Notes: Originally there was only going to be a set of 20 but this proved a nice distraction from my tooth ache and I enjoyed playing around with textures and colors more than I would if I treated it like a 20 in 20 batch.

TW Icons for [info]chromaticvision: Toshiko Sato: 90


"I'm Banana. [points to loud yellow cravat] Suppose you can tell why."
"Tosh: You come up in spots and go soft quickly?"
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31 July 2010 @ 09:53 pm
Doctor Who, Torchwood and Star Trek icons rec  
Doctor Who icon recs featuring Mickey, Martha, or both

20 Mickey and Martha icons by [info]dani_meows (if you click on the tag there a few more Mickey and Martha icons in various dr who icon posts but they are mixed with others)

About 25 Mickey and Martha icons (Some are in their own sections, others are group shots.) by [info]blue_siofra of[info]flutterby_icons

Torchwood Icon recs featuring Tosh
Tosh icons by[info]immortalje of [info]je_fic

Star Trek: Reboot, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek: TOS

6 B'Elanna icons by [info]bridgetmkennitt of [info]chromaticicons

George Takei by [info]bridgetmkennitt of [info]chromaticicons

Nine Star Trek reboot by [info]bridgetmkennitt of [info]chromaticicons
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