25 April 2010 @ 04:00 pm
Sonny Koa  
Title: Sonny, Zane and Community
By: Vera
Fandom: East West 101
Medium: Meta
Contains/Warnings: Spoilers for episode 01x03, discussion of violence
On A03:: Sonny, Zane and Community or below.

East West 101 is an Australian cop drama set in the inner south west of Sydney. It's remarkable because the characters are mostly of colour, reflecting more closely than any other Australian cop drama the real composition of Australia, particularly in the regions it's set.

Detective Sonny Koa is a Torres Strait Islander, married and very recently a dad. His partner and friend, Detective Zane Malik, is a married Arab Australian father of two. In the third episode of the first series, Islander Sacrifice, their different engagement with the community is highlighted and puts their friendship under stress.

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