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Dec. 3rd, 2022



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Lyra Alexandria Banner
she be little but she be fierce

FANDOM: Marvel Comics
AGE | BIRTHDAY: 8 // Nov 1
SEXUALITY: non-existent, she's a child
WIKI: here!
ROOMMATE REQUEST: Bruce Banner & Dee Green
Will your character be a guardian? Bruce Banner

  • Earth 8009
    Before Lyra was born, the world had ended. Radiation from the apocalyptic fallout made everyone superpowered, however, it shrunk the frontal cortex of the men and made them aggressive savages. Any structure of the way society was once upon a time was now divided by gender, the men formed barbaric tribes thrust out of the city and women made the Sisterhood, which vowed to protect what they had left.

  • Lyra’s unusual conception
    Thundra wanted more from a daughter than the genetic duplicate that the Cradle would produce for her. Thundra was a leader, a supreme warrior, and she set out to find her genetic match– man or woman– so that she could ensure that her daughter was the best of the best. Thundra traveled through the multiverse itself until she met Hulk of Earth-616. She was able to get his DNA, and use that to produce a heir.

  • The Nuclear Family
    Men, in earth-8009, are an inferior breed of human to all of the people within the Sisterhood of the Republic. They are used as slaves for manual labor. Most of the children of the Sisterhood were created in labs and have only mothers, the fact that Lyra proudly has a father means that people tend to view her as “just slightly above” the men in society. Lyra has been bullied and put down her whole life, which makes her all the more eager to prove she is capable.

  • Too Much Power for such a little Freak
    When the Sisterhood learned of the Hulk and his abilities, they grew concerned that Lyra might be tainted by her fathers genetics. When they learned that anger made him almost unstoppable, they created a way to keep Lyra under control. They did experiments to alter her DNA, and change her genetic triggers. As a result, Lyra can only access her full powers when she is in a completely calm and meditative state.

  • Elite Child Soldier
    Satisfied by their actions, Lyra was able to enter training at age four, where she has been working hard to make her mother proud, and become an elite warrior. By the age of eight, Lyra had trained with her abilities, and began leading local patrols. She’s gone on a few “diplomatic” missions, but nothing serious or without adult supervision.

    NAME. Amber TZ. EST PB. mackenzie brooke smith DISCORD. Amberlynn#0562
    AVAILABILITY. Afternoons & Evenings.
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