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Aug. 17th, 2010


after the battle

who: Jaehaerys, William, Selester, Tyrith, Aeria, Arrys, Rhaeys,
where: the Dornish Marches
when: Sept 20, just after the attack
rating: PG-13
status: closed. ask to join.

 The smells of blood, death, and burnt flesh wafted on the breeze. The dragons wouldn't need to be fed this night. In his pavilion the king paced across the Myrish carpets, unable to bear being still. In the center of the tent was a low table, where his counselors and the greatest lords of his party were gathered. The Wardens of South and West and North, and the heir to the East. House Martell was represented by his mother, with Jonath Rowan at her back, his sword loose in its scabbard. Only houses Baratheon and Tully were missing from this assemblage of the great houses. Jaehaerys glanced once at his uncle before he spoke.

"There is no mystery as to who attacked us. I saw the Valyrian blade, Dawn. I have fought against Ryan Dayne before, in tourneys. What we need to know is why he did this. And whether he had leave to do so." He looked at his mother. Her face was pale as death, her eyes downcast, and he wondered what she was thinking. Did she expect to leave this tent alive tonight?

Jaehaerys looked around at the nobles gathered before him. "There must be a price paid for the blood spilled today. What do you all wish for it to be?" Let them speak, let them cry out. He would hear them, but he knew that cost was already determined: blood much pay for blood. There would be no treaties this time.

Aug. 14th, 2010


In which the Sun beats down mercilessly and advances over a field of Flowers

Who: EVERYONE who is south with the king
Where: Dornish marches, west of the Boneway
When: Sept 20
Rating: R
Status: OPEN

Ryan Dayne's horce pawed the turf ferociously, as if sensing his master's impatience. Around him were a full two-score more mounted knights, witha meager baggage train guarded by foot-soldiers of House Dayne behind. Perhaps somewhat oddly, the boy picked to carry the colors bore two pennants upon his lance.

First, of course, flew the sun-and-spear of House Martell, his liege-lord and master. But under the sun-and-spear flew the sigil of the Daynes, a sword and a falling star on a field of lavender. Both pennants were flown proud and high, and the small collection of Dornish cavalry chomped at the bit.

"Damn him." swore Ryan, second child and eldest male, the family greatsword Dawn at his side. "I was told he would be here. Today is the day, now is the time." he grumbled to his squire, a boy filled with long-suffering resignation to his position. "These pigs, these Florents, Baratheons, Targaryens, they'd all conspired together. ALL OF THEM. And now Princess Elia is dead. Prince Myrwin gravely wounded. Aeria held prisoner. These INSULTS to Dorne WILL NOT BE BORNE!" he bellowed, invoking a lusty cheer in the men who waited behind him.

"Today, we will send a message to ALL the Houses. That Dorne stands Unbowed! Unbent! Unbroken! And we will NOT BE DENIED!" he screamed, waving his family's ancestral greatsword in the air to rally his men. "Let us RIDE! Follow me, my brothers, and we shall send these marcher pigs a bloody lesson!" he said, sheathing his sword and putting his spurs to his horse to leap into a gallop, heading north out of the marcher mountain passes down to the fertile valleys below.

Aug. 9th, 2010


the anti-heroes return - kyra/baelor - aug 17

who: Kyra, Baelor
where: Summerhall, their chamber
when: just after they return with the body- August 17, afternoon
rating: r
status: closed


Who: Prosperyn, Lyanora
When: August 18th, Evening
Where: Summerhall, the Stark Chambers
Status: Ask.
Rating: PGish.

Evening visits. )

Aug. 6th, 2010


A Mutual Need

who: Dayne, Alyana
where: Kings Landing, Dayne's bed chamber
when: afternoon, Aug 20
rating: PG
status: closed
The desire to have it all )


a quiet ride - kyra, aksel - aug. 17

who: Kyra, Aksel
when: aug 17, morning
where: the stables, the woods
rating: R because these are Boltons
status: closed closed closed

Aug. 5th, 2010


Who: Selester and any gentleman of quality who chooses to attend
What: Selester hosts a game of tiles in his chambers.
When: August 21st, evening
Where: The Tyrell quarters, in the sitting room.
Status: Open to male nobles in Summerhall, though a notification seems almost deliberately to have NOT reached King Jaehaerys.
Rating: PG-13, possibly rougher depending on how much Boys Are Boys.

The room had been cleared out; no servants save the guards outside the doors. The remainder of the alcoholic baggage of the Tyrell train had been set out on the sideboard and was being worked through. The table was the largest he had managed to wrangle from the castellan, and it seated more than enough guests. It was HARDLY a party, of course -- just a simple, sedate recreation to which all the noblemen (save the King in his mourning) had been invited. A quiet game of tiles -- low stakes by the standards of the nobles in attendance... at least, so far.

Selester sat in the seat facing directly at the door. His hands reached out to move the tiles around on the table, shuffling them about. "Well played, well played, my good lord." With a smile, he clacked a few together and looked about at his fellow players. "Another hand?"

Aug. 4th, 2010


It's a Thin Line

Who: Alyana, Ember
When: Aug 22, morning
Where: The Red Keep, Ember's rooms
Status: Closed, but if you're in the family ask first and we may be able to squeeze you in.
Rating: PG13

So walk it carefully, child... )

Aug. 3rd, 2010


look who's up?

Who: Genna, ?
When: Aug 22, midday
Where: Summerhall, Stark kids' sickroom
Status: OPEN
Rating: PG


a king and his guardsmen

who: Jaehaerys, Prosperyn, Tybalt?
when: August 22, afternoon after Daenyra's arrival
where: Summerhall, the royal chambers
rating: R
status: closed

Aug. 1st, 2010


these pieces that remain - william, jaehaerys

Who: Jaehaerys, William
Where: Summerhall, the king's chambers
When: Aug 21, late evening - after the maester's visit
Status: Closed.
Rating: R

these fragments have we shored against our ruin )

Jul. 29th, 2010


at the ending of the day - Jaehaerys, npc's

Who: Jaehaerys, Maester Allyns (NPC), Jahar Xhe (NPC)
Where: Summerhall, the king's chambers
When: Aug 21, late evening
Status: Closed, complete log
Rating: R


didn't make it home last night - baelor/kyra - summerhall

Who: Baelor, Kyra
Where: Summerhall, their chambers
When: August 16, midmorning
Status: Closed- ask if you want to join.
Rating: PG-13 to start?

Jul. 27th, 2010


There's just too much that time cannot erase

Who: Toria Lannister and OPEN to Lannisters, Starks and people who have access to/reason to visit the Lannister guest rooms in Summerhall
When: Afternoon
Where: Toria's room
What: Toria's working on the music piece Jaehaerys asked her to compose in Elia's honour
Rating: PG more than likely
Status: Ongoing/Open

Your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone )

(ooc: Guess what song came on while I was writing this? Winamp is psychic, apparently)

Jul. 26th, 2010


Who: Lya, Alaric, Ned (while feverish)
When: Aug 20th, late at night.
Where: Lya's chambers
Rating: PGish
Status: Closed/Completed

((OOC: Thanks to Red for socking Alaric :D ))

And I you, for all of your illogical, headstrong ways. )


Who: NPCs
When: August 15, dawn.
Where: Summerhall, the lake.
Rating: PG-13
Status: Closed.


Jul. 25th, 2010


Who: Ned, Lyanora; possibly other Starks
Where: The Stark chambers at Summerhall
When: Late afternoon on the 16th.
Status: Ask.
Rating: PG.

Nothing to see here... )


Who: Selester, Alyana, and anyone who intercepts the note (likely a few Maesters and probably the Master of Whispers).
What: A raven is sent from Summerhall by the Tyrell Maester, carrying a note addressed to Lady Alyana Baratheon.
When: The note leaves on the 18th; I believe it's a 1-day travel time for ravens?
Status: Presumably relatively closed communications.
Rating: PG. Unless someone decides to write naughty letters. Though, really, that would just scandalize a bunch of poor Maesters.

Contents below. )

Jul. 23rd, 2010


who: Daven, ?
where: Summerhall, the courtyard
when: August 21, afternoon
status: OPEN
rating: PG


ravens arrive

who: Emberlei, Eva, ?
where: Kings Landing, Emberlei's room
when: afternoon, Aug 20
rating: PG
status: OPEN

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