April 13th, 2008

[info]yohjideranged in [info]80sficpicalooza

Claiming has begun!

Writers and Artists - Start your claiming!

To claim a prompt:

1. Copy and paste the prompts for which you want to write or create art into a comment to this post. Please include the date and whether you are making a fic or art claim as well.

Example: May 30 - Looney Tunes, Elmer/Porky Pig: friendship – Bringing home the bacon

2. Each prompt can be claimed a total of six times (three for fic and three for art).

3. You are welcome to claim your own prompts.

4. Collaborations are welcome.

Please be patient with me as I note your claims. Claiming will be on a first comment first noted basis which I will note as soon as possible.

Writers and artists – these prompts are supposed to be challenging and fun. Interpret the prompts as you will but please keep the main elements the requester submitted. All fiction must be at least 100 words. Art claims can be in the medium of the artist's choice - we will accept icons, wallpapers, fanvids, drawings, painting, etc.

Posting instructions will be available around April 28th, but please feel free to start brainstorming or writing/creating as soon as you have your prompt.