Feb. 28th, 2010


Title: Two Shiny Stars
Author: Immortal Aussie
Fandom: Harry Potter/The Tudors
Roleplay Base: [info]_ksu_
Rating: PG
Summary: Anne gives birth to her and Lucius' children
Authors Note: Set within a RP world
Word Count: 763
Total Word Count: 2612


Feb. 27th, 2010


Doubling up!

Writer: [info]et_synecdoche

Type: RP log
Genre: glee!
Characters: Vocal Adrenaline
Summary: Regionals!
Rating: G. Or PG, depending on your rating of Lady Gaga's lyrics.
Word-count: 1336 words.


Type: RP thread
Genre: Harry Potter
Characters: Branwen Dunstan (and Maeve Sheridan)
Summary: A random encounter.
Rating: G - or maybe not. PG! Oblique references to other uses people have for dungeons.
Word-count: 759 words.

Studying in Dungeons is fun.

Total word-count: 4,224 words!

Feb. 24th, 2010


Writer: [info]et_synecdoche
Type: rp news article!
Genre: Harry Potter
Characters: Susan Bones, various Ministers of Magic
Summary: Things are not going well in Ireland. (Although without context, this probably doesn't make an ounce of sense. Also, last piece of writing before the community died. D: )
Rating: P for Political.
Word-count: 338 words.
Total word-count: 2129 words. (Oh dear.)

Fraternization with Muggles Outlawed in Ireland

Feb. 25th, 2010


Title: Farewell
Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: Sirius has had enough
Rating: PG
AN: Written for a friend
Word Count: 317
Total Word Count: 603 (oh dear)


A quick note: You may have noticed I'm linking to a different journal than the one listed in my author thing. I had to many tags in that one and it was bugging me so I've swapped to this one

Feb. 19th, 2010


Title: Yesterday
Author: Immortal Ausie
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: G
Summary: Rowena reflects on the past on the day Helena is to start at Hogwarts
Notes: Written for [info]10prompts #9- Yesterday and [info]40forty
Word Count: 286


Feb. 18th, 2010


Writer: [info]et_synecdoche
Type: Short Series, Fanfiction
Genre: Harry Potter
Characters: Padma Patil, Susan Bones, and Ludwig Sondheim (the product of my own mind)
Summary: Someone has a surprise visit to make, and a mission to complete.
Rating: Max PG
Word-count: 1,524 words for this part.

It's Time to Come Back


Writer: [info]supercat
Type: original fiction.
Characters: Dessa Rovere and James Munore (scarcely) with mentions of everyone from here to there.
Summary: Finding herself lost and frightened against an unfamiliar backdrop, Dessa finally learns what it means to have lived her life.
Rating: PG-13, at best. Dark themes, but not much more.
Word-count: 3,784 words.

Darling, how I loved you from the start, but that's no excuse for the state I'm in. )


Writer: [info]et_synecdoche
Type: poem / fanfic
Genre: Harry Potter
Characters: In my head, it’s Padma, but it could be whichever seventh year DA member you prefer. And someone that deserves to feel guilty.
Summary: One of the survivors has a point to make.
Rating: PG? I fail at rating things. There’s nothing graphic, and if you’ve
Word-count: 267 words.

Author’s note: Any description of this will sound absurdly complicated. It’s not. Also the muse for this sprang from the in-progress story which will appear hopefully later today. After that, the description will make a lot more sense.

Where Were You?

Feb. 17th, 2010


Writer: [info]supercat
Type: original fiction.
Characters: Dessa and Teren Rovere, with small mentions of James.
Summary: In the presence of great (as in big, not as in "AWESOME!") news, Dessa makes an unlikely appearance in her brother's dorms after months of ignoring him.
Rating: PG-ish. Hurt/Comfort is about all it is.
Word-count: 1,675 words.

Her jaw remained tight, as if holding back the nastier remarks she held in her vocabulary, keeping pleasantries in the conversation until she had the answers she came to receive. )


Writer: [info]baby_k21
Type: original fiction
Genre: original
Characters: Lucy Martin, the heroine; her attacker; her rescuer, and various other extras.
Summary: The beginning of the end for her.
Rating: PG-13
Word-count: 1083 words. Good start, yeah? Say yes.

Her eyelids were heavy, and the darkness was so tempting.


Writer: [info]indigo_n_orange
Type: original fiction
Genre: original
Characters: Detective Derek Kesler, FBI Agents Rodriguez and Hortein, various other live people and dead guy.
Summary: There’s been a string of unusual murders in LA and this is just another one to investigate. First part of what hopefully will end up being a longer story
Rating: PG-13 No worse than Law and Order.
Word-count: 1,696

This was not the usual scene.


Writer: [info]karou
Type: present tense one-shot
Genre: Harry Potter
Characters: Ginny Potter, Michael Corner, with minor appearances from OCs.
Summary: It had been ten long years since he had set eyes on Ginny Weasley, his first - but not last - love. Michael is not who he used to be, and while his life is in disarray, he is happy. Ginny on the other hand has what seems to be a perfect life, but she seems unhappy. Also I decided to make it present tense because hey, why not make it more difficult?
Rating: PG
Word-count: 2069 words! That'll tide me over because I have to work over the weekend. Boo!

Author's note: Let's pretend 19 years later didn't happen, it's screwing with my continuity!

Twenty-eight is not old, but he feels every minute of it pressing on him )


Writer: [info]callalice
Type: original fiction
Genre: original
Characters: The Heller family
Summary: A young boy wakes up from an undescribed accident that he cannot remember.
Rating: G
Word-count: 1,051 words.


Feb. 15th, 2010


sample post

Writer: [info]karou
Type: drabble
Genre: Harry Potter
Characters: Ron & Hermione
Summary: Ron gets biscuit crumbs on Hermione's homework. Chaos ensues.
Rating: PG
Word-count: 3 words.
Total word-count: (total words written for 40forty so far)

This can either be a fake-cut to your journal or you can post it here )