March 20th, 2011

[info]rebelhellion in [info]uprisingrpg

What: plotting death-like things.
When: let's say last Thursday night. [backdated]
Where: Ella's flat.
Warnings: there will probably be some.
Status: Incomplete

dig it up, tear it down )

[info]hekatos in [info]uprisingrpg

Who: Marek and Melinda
What: looking for a place of their own, having some twin time
When: Sunday afternoon
Where: a random empty flat somewhere
Warnings: TBA
Status: Incomplete

if you go drifting off, I will be here beneath the clouds, and if you can't find your way, hear my voice and follow the sound )

[info]patientia in [info]uprisingrpg

Who: Kevin and Katie
What: coffee!
When: Friday [backdated]
Where: the coffee shop near Katie's place
Warnings: TBA
Status: Incomplete

... )

[info]versimilitude in [info]uprisingrpg

Who: Clyde & Emil (Kings & T)
What: Plans
When: Sunday
Where: A discrete gay coffee shop in Glasgow, Scotland
Warnings: TBA
Status: Incomplete

What kind of man do you take me for? )