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Jul. 25th, 2011


an ode to uprising: write your own happy ending!

In the time that Uprising has been running, I have invested an enormous amount of time and energy into the game and into my characters - in this universe, I have managed to write more than ten amazing storylines, full of more emotional development and entangled plots than I ever could have imagined. Although I feel that the game has run its course, and that my character arcs feel relatively finished, I want to say one last goodbye - and I want to give you all the chance to do the same! Totally optional, of course, but I'm just as interested in seeing what you have to say about your characters as I am in writing about mine.

SO: where do you see your characters in five years? Twenty years? Fifty? Will they live to a ripe old age and have children to succeed them, or die young (possibly still with children, but maybe not)? What will they accomplish, what will they learn? Will they earn medals or change careers or run for Minister of Magic? Will they travel the world or acquire lots of pets? Or (given that this is a dark game) will they become renegades, murderers, the world's next dark lords/ladies to contend with? Will they die peacefully in their sleep, or in battle?

There are tons of options, of course, and I'm sure each story will be unique to your character! Reply here and discuss it with your Uprising friends, and feel free to write any solos/threads/storylines that you wish. As Kitty said, the comms will remain open for your use as long as you like.

Jul. 21st, 2011


Hiatus of sorts

So hey. I'm kind of failing and need some time, so I'm going to take Duke on a break while I get my shit together (though I'm really considering dropping the game - not because of anyone or anything here, I honestly love this game AND DUKE and I'd hate to see it all go, but something has to change and this is one game where I feel a huge lack of motivation so it's just kind of hard). But anyway, hopefully I'll get a plan or something sometime soon. <3

Jul. 16th, 2011


I changed Remus' face. I figured I'd post here so everyone would know and not get confused later when Colin Firth's face starts popping up everywhere!

Jun. 10th, 2011


Hey guys! I'm sorry, I should have told you I was going to be out of contact for some of this week. I went to Boston Tues/Wed (for the Glee concert which was amazing!) and then had to catch up at work so couldn't be on-line. I'll be on tonight, and some of tomorrow/Sunday and can't wait to play catch-up.

If there's anything pressing I should know about you can always email me at :-D MISSED YOU GUYS

Jun. 5th, 2011


ATTENTION ALL WEASLEYS...and Snape...and you other people

I know it's still early, but I figured I should get a read on this and see how many Weasleys wanted to be there when Bill woke up on Wed. Or something. Idk. I'm willing to do as many Bill/people threads as people desire.

I just thought I'd see who wanted to be there for all that exciting emo and shit.

Jun. 4th, 2011



So I've decided that Angela's life is too easy and she needs to have her life shaken up a bit. Meet new people and the like.

Any takers?


Maxine O'Flaherty is a ray of sunshine!

I couldn't handle only having boys, guys! So this is Maxine, who goes by Max, which is a boy's name but she promises you she is certainly not a boy. She played for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team when she was in Hogwarts and was a year below the trio. She graduated and began waiting tables, often trying out for teams, but she hadn't gotten on one yet. She hid Lisa Turpin in the flat she had with her brother because Lisa had been her friend during school and she didn't understand why Lisa felt the need to hide from everyone (damn that pesky potion). Anyways; they got caught and Ethan was killed, while the girls were charted off to Azkaban. In Azkaban, she 'met' Justin Finch-Fletchley (they talked through their cells!) and together they tried to keep each others spirits up so the dementors wouldn't ruin them both. And by doing so, she found out she really likes telling stories. She is going to think she isn't too good at them; but she enjoys doing it all the same!

Read about her here.

She wants friends! No enemies. She is nice to everyone and insist she can't have enemies (though she admits it is possible for people not to like her, she does talk a lot!). Oh well...she doesn't like death eaters; but she is always willing to give people a second chance, even if they have wronged her.


Jun. 3rd, 2011



Summary of what happened with Duke: he showed up for the Death Eaters, realized what was going on and turned on them, fighting...behind enemy lines? Toward the end, he got a little too close to an explosion anddd lost part of his ear (devastating since he's a guitarist) along with a bit of a fuzzy mind. :D

So, there.

Jun. 1st, 2011



Hi everyone! Tis me, Jess, and I am bringing to you the wonderful Terry Boot. You can read all about him here, but in short he's recently found himself in a rather hairy (geddit?) situation due to some really bad judgment (no common sense, our Terry). Before being turned into a werewolf, he was a rather successful Charms researcher/experimenter/guy who likes to blow shit up at the Ministry. After, he took a job at WWW, but is currently unemployed. He's immune to Complacens now, but was under it's effects until a couple of months ago.


I'm on AIM at sungoddess112382 or gmail at for plotting.

May. 25th, 2011


Hello everyone!

This is just a post to say I'm going on hiatus until Monday since I'll be moving. :) So I'm not ignoring anyone, just busy!

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