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May. 12th, 2012


characters: sansa stark & arya stark
setting: in the garden
summary: sansa runs into her sister, shortly after king joffrey smacks her down majorly
rating: high, mentions of violence and abuse
status: in progress


Sansa was the sole survivor, or she had thought so until she seen Arya here. )

May. 5th, 2012


Who: Chris Halliwell and Sexy
What: Getting to know each other better
When: Saturday afternoon (5/5)
Where: Their room

Curiosity killed the cat, but thankfully not the whitelighter. )


Who: Caryn & Elijah
Where: Her room
When: Saturday, April 14th. Late night.
What: Caryn and Elijah have a talk, along with several other things.
Rating: PG-13ish.
Status: Complete

When you light those candles up on there on that mantle settin' the mood // I just lie there staring, silently preparing to love on you // I can feel the heat from across the room // Ain't it wild what a little flame can make you want to do? // I melt every time you look at me that way... )

May. 3rd, 2012


Who: Moira Ozera and Open
Where: The grounds
When: This afternoon
What: Moira is thinking
Rating: TBD.

There were times she really felt like she was going over the edge and she couldn't help but wonder how long it would be before she did and never came back. )

May. 2nd, 2012


Who: Narcissa Black & Fabian Prewett (oh so closed)
Where: Fabian's room.
When: May 2.
What: Narcissa has things to tell him. And she wants to see if the Easter Bunny brought chocolate, the sarcastic ass.
Rating: TBA. Probably no more than PG though.

And here comes the...well, not the bride. Here Comes the Black, all panicked and ready to see someone she missed. )

May. 1st, 2012


Who: Christian and Vasilisa (His one!)
Where: Her Room
What: Meeting/Rekindling.
When: After his journal thingy. (So backdated- sorry! We posted it in his journal and not here!)
Open: No, sorry.

Can you still be in love with someone from your past, even though you love her in your present (her future)? )

Apr. 29th, 2012


Who: Rose and Teen!Dimitri
Where: Outside
When: After their journal conversation- so Thursday (I'm very sorry for the delay)
What: Meeting for the first time.
Open: No.

So now the age difference is not an issue- now just a change in species and they can have their happily ever after. )

Apr. 28th, 2012


Who: The Thing and OTA
Where: In a big hollowed out area on the grounds
When: Afternoon
Why: his arrival
Open: Yes
big hole in one )

Apr. 24th, 2012


Who: Franklin Richards & open
Where: The nearby village
When: early evening
What: Stopping a minor shoplifting incident
Rating: Probably PG
Status: tbc

more needed )

Apr. 21st, 2012


Who: Faye and Melissa
Where: Faye’s room
What: Interaction, catching up, major bestie bonding.
When: After this
Rating: Medium.
Notes: Nah.
Open: Sure, a roomie can come in if you’d like.
Status: In progress

. )

Apr. 18th, 2012


Who: Emma and Jefferson
Where: On the stairs
What: Interaction,.
When: Now.
Rating: Medium.
Notes: Nah.
Open: if you want to hop in, just poke one of us.
Status: In progress

If this is magic, I‘ll be damned )

Apr. 16th, 2012


Who: James Rasmussen & Poppy North (possible appearance by Charlotte King)
What: James finding out about Poppy's sickness, forming a plan
When: Sunday evening (backdated)
Where: Poppy's room
Rating: PG-13

she can't die )

Apr. 13th, 2012


Who: Anna and Castiel
What: Anna attempts to show Castiel the good points to being human.
Where: Outside; Garden
When: After this
Rating: Pg-13
Status: Closed/ Incomplete

So I stayed in the darkness with you )


Who: Cassie [info]darkmagicwitch and Adam
What: Talking
When: Soon after their conversation
Where: Her room
Rating: Pg-13
Status: Closed/ Incomplete

You are the hole in my head. You are the space in my bed. )


Who: Adam and Diana
What: A hopeful act of healing
When: Thursday morning (4/12), after receiving this
Where: Diana's room
Rating: Mid to high for probable mentions/allusions to violence

Adam wasn't naive, he knew it was no miracle cure to make everything better. )

Apr. 11th, 2012


Who: Lisa and OTA
Where: Backyard
What: Interaction
When: Now.
Rating: Medium.
Notes: If a Dean answers, she will know him, she was AU and her Dean (left the game) is gone.
Open: Yes.
Status: In progress

You’ve got a gypsies soul to blame and you were born for leavin’. )


Who: Cas and Cas
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where: S7!Cas' room
What: Meeting up
Warnings: Low-ish

Read more... )

Apr. 10th, 2012


Who: Six and OTA
Where: Living room
What: Interaction,
When: Now.
Rating: Medium, she’s a little mouthy.
Notes: Nah.
Open: Yep
Status: In progress

Days like this I want to drive away. )

Apr. 9th, 2012


Who: Dean and Lisa ([info]notabrokenshell & [info]thereforhim
What: Meeting to talk
When: Sunday evening
Where: Lisa's room
Rating: TBD

what was he doing? )

Apr. 8th, 2012


Who: Faye and Jake
Where: Jake's room
What: Interaction
When: Now.
Rating: Medium.
Notes: Nah.
Open: Nope.
Status: In progress

Lay yourself down and I will comfort you. )

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