Saturday, July 17th, 2010

champagne is just ginger ale that knows somebody

Who: Kyrioscath Ansradar, and the rest of G2 entering the pub.
Where: A pub in Lothering
When: Molioris, 9:45 Dragon
Summary: How do you keep an idiot busy? (Also wut, recruitment?)
Status: In Progress

Spontaneous combustion is totally a real thing, right? )
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Wednesday, July 7th, 2010


Who: Bethen Avilla, Thais Keigwin, Garrett Edgewalker, Alderic Thearre
Where: Lothering - town and Chantry
When: Noon, 21 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon
Summary: The Wardens arrive in Lothering, and it is not at all the homecoming that Bethen was anticipating.
Rating: K for now.

As much as the revelation would hurt, she had to know for certain that there was nothing left for her here. )
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Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Group Two Plot

Plot: Brothers Reunited
Who: Lukaer Ledaal, Mathieu Ledaal, Puppy Garrett Edgewalker, Group Two
Where: Along the North Road as the brothers head east toward Denerim
When: 18 Molioris
Summary: Two brothers and a stray dog wolf search for the Wardens and find more than they expected.
Rating: T
Status: In progress
Another day, another failure. )
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Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

backscene: easy does it

Who: Ser Tobias Statler, Enchanter Thais Keigwin, Constans Ledaal.
Where: Kinloch Hold.
When: Autumn, 9:39 Dragon.
Summary: Ser Tobias does not approve of Constans and Thais' shenanigans.
Rating: M for Makeouts.
On Hold.

Once you’d had a few quick trysts in back hallways the novelty of potentially getting caught went a little stale, which only left... well, potentially getting caught. )
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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Who: Lucressia Peron, Thais Keigwin
Where: Group Two's camp, Somewhere in the Bannorn.
When: 9:45 Dragon, 19 Molioris.
Summary: Thais and Lucressia are sharing a tent. Best. Plan. Ever.
Rating: Nothing so far.

Sigh no more, ladies. Time is male and in his cups drinks to the fair. )
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Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Who: Thais Keigwin, Aurin Demarc
Where: Vigil's Keep, Amaranthine
When: 9:45 - 14 Molioris [Before Dawn]
Summary: Thais heads back to her room, only to find she’s missing something important (and no, it’s not her dignity).
Rating: WoS for Walk Of Shame.

In the hall that leads to the door… )
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Who: Thais Keigwin, Conlan Delaine
Where: Vigil's Keep, Amaranthine
When: 9:45 - 13/14 Molioris [Witching Hour]
Summary: Thais redeems a favor from an intoxicated Conlan.
Rating: Mature.

I got nobody on my side and surely that ain't right... )
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Group 2: Bandits!

Who: Cadi Seris, Wardens and companions in group 2
Where: the Bannorn
When: 9.45 Dragon; 18 Molioris
Summary: Cadi's desperately outnumbered. Fortunately, she's not the only one on the road that day.
Rating: T? for violence
The only thing left was to see how many of them she could take with her. )
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Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Who: Thais Keigwin, Ordhan Wyland, Imenry Barras
Where: Vigil's Keep
When: 9:45 Moloris
Summary: Ordhan teaches Thais how to handle a sword, Thais gives Ordhan a tempting invitation. {Right after This conversation}
Rating: Fine for all, wut?
A Sword and a Smile )
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Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Who: Thais Keigwin, Constans Ledaal, Bethen Avilla, Ashya, anyone at the Keep that cares to join in...
Where: Virgil’s Keep
When: 9:45- Three days before Alistair’s arrival at the Keep.
Summary: Thais, Constans, and Bethen have a bonding experience in the courtyard…
Rating: PG-13 (Shirtless Constans, cat fighting(?))

Another day, just breathe… )
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Saturday, February 13th, 2010

part three: No More

Who: Thais Keigwin, Senior Enchanter Orestes
Where: The Circle Tower
When: Ferventis 9:42
Summary: Thais tries to end her relation with Orestes.
Rating: MX - Mature sexual themes.
Warning: Contains thematic depiction of sexual assault. For those that cannot read, the gist of the narrative is that Thais and Orestes’ relationship ends violently and abruptly.
Part Three of Five

I don't want to crawl no more... )
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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

part two: Don't Think

Who: Thais Keigwin, Senior Enchanter Orestes, Senior Enchanter Athanael.
Where: Circle Tower
When: Eluviesta 9:42
Summary: Orestes and Thais share an evening together. Thais and Athanael share the morning afterwards together.
Rating: M for Mature themes
Part Two of Five
Don't Think about All those Things you Feel... )
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Sunday, January 31st, 2010

backscene: How Do You Feel?

Who: Thais Keigwin, Ashya Devar
Where: Somewhere in the Bannorn, on the way to Amaranthine
When: 9:45 Dragon; Eluviesta. Same setting as Crossroads.
Summary: Thais and Ashya have an ‘in-tent’ experience during Crossroads.
Rating: T for Teen.
Une fille avec une femme )
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Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Part One: Secret

Who: Thais Keigwin and Senior Enchanter Orestes
Where: Circle Tower [of course]
When: 9:41 Parvulis
Summary: Thais gets closer to Senior Enchanter Orestes in a most peculiar way.
Rating: X [sexy tiemz, bondage, stares, etc]
Part One of Five

Everybody Wants to Have a Secret )
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Friday, January 29th, 2010

New Arrivals

Who: Aurin Demarc, Deidre "Dee" Aisli, Alderic Thearre, Noah Durand, Constans Ledaal, Bethen Avilla, Desiderio Ledaal, Ashya Devar, Thais Keigwin, Conlan Delaine, Ordhan Wyland, Hilda Aelricsdottr, Hissra, Karashok and others that will be added when they post
Where: Vigil's Keep, Amaranthine
When: 9:45 Dragon; Summerday
Rating: PG-13 just in case
Status: In-Progress
Summary: The trek through the Bannorn takes a motley crew of mages, templars, and one adventuress to Amaranthine, a small, coastal town north of Ferelden that is busy with its Summerday preparations.


At the very end of the main thoroughfare, Vigil's Keep loomed over its surrounding buildings -- a dour and heavily fortified construct made of mortar and stone which stood in cold defiance of the neighboring revelry )
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Friday, January 15th, 2010

Who: Thais; Terraster
Where: Circle Tower
When: 9:41 Moloris
Summary: Thais and Terraster have a… staring contest. 8/
Rating: X. [seriously… X for SEX… fo’ reals]
I‘ll be watching you… )
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Thursday, January 7th, 2010

narrative: Yesterday's Memories

Who: Thais Keigwin, Her mentor (Athanael), Random Tower people
Where: Circle Tower
When: 9:19-9:44
Summary: Memories of Thais’s life.
Rating: M (Sexy times, Tranquil Abuse, language, violence, stuff that makes a good movie)

Seems like yesterday... )
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Thursday, December 31st, 2009

backscene: Shadows of Ourselves

Who: Thais Keigwin, Aurin Demarc
Where: Circle Tower
When: 9:44
Summary: Thais takes a night walk with a templar.
Rating: M (language, wet frock)

In a world that's beyond control... )
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backscene: Morning Time

Who: Thais Keigwin, Constans Ledaal
Where: Circle Tower
When: 9:39 Dragon. Late Spring.
Summary: Thais and Constans chat.
Rating: PG-13 (language)

Just another busy morning.. )
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Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Scene: Crossroads

Who: Deidre "Dee" Aisli, Alderic Thearre, Aurin Demarc, Bethen Avilla, Ashya Devar, Thais Keigwin, Noah Durand and others from Alderic's party group should they wish to join in
Where: Somewhere in the Bannorn, on the way to Amaranthine
When: 9:45 Dragon; Eluviesta (Early Spring)
Summary: A detour over the wilder areas of the Bannorn takes Deidre on an interception course with her past and future.
Rating: PG-13 just in case


It looked like a simple, one-person camp. )
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