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It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie. The moment to live and the moment to die. The moment to fight.
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Backscene: Sit for a spell and I'll sing you a tune [Oct 22nd, 10
3:05 pm

Who: Ordhan Wyland and Arja Serik
Where: Gwaren, The Bronze Butterfly pub
When: 9:44
Summary: There should be a sign on the door of the pub, 'Ye travelers beware, our dwarf will accost you if you let her.'.
Rating: PG
In progress

Read more... )

Backscene: The Misuse of Magic [Oct 22nd, 10
2:42 pm

Who: Lillian Tharelle, Ser Tobias Statler, Lorna Bedeau (NPC), Tamrith Searas (NPC), Layla Tibrani, Adara Lenan (NPC Whores)
Where: Denerim
When: 9:30, during the siege. (Lillie is 20)
Summary: After Lillie uses her magic to save their lives, Layla and Adara run off to report her for being an apostate. They find Templar Tobias Statler.
Rating: T for possible language

How quickly they'd overlooked the fact that she'd only used this sinful magic to save their hides )

Backscene: The dangers of inattention [Oct 22nd, 10
4:59 am

Who: Jill Sorrel and Arja Serik
Where: The Brecillian Forest, just outside of Gwaren
When: 9:39, late summer
Summary: A brief note to oneself: Horses are not deer.
Rating: PG
In progress

'Go out and catch a rabbit at the very least Arja.' )

Pick Your Poison [Oct 21st, 10
9:43 pm

Who: Brennan Wulfe, Lee Wyland, Loïc Arkaitz, Imenry Barras, Signy Dagna, anyone else in G1 who wants to herb it up
Where: Redcliffe.
When: 30 Molioris, 9:45
Summary: On her last stop before some fun-for-the-whole-family herb gathering Lee runs into Signy and the dwarf's trusty posse who seem interested in helping out.
Rating: K
In progress

every poison has its cure, it's ripe and on the vine )

Of Shapes And Places Uncertain [Oct 21st, 10
8:04 pm

Who: Aedre, Garrett Edgewalker
Where: Korcari Wilds
When: Late autumn of 9:43 Dragon
Summary: A Chasind shaman moving from one village to the next encounters someone who does not belong in her Wilds.
Rating: Uh, NS for Naked Shapeshifter
There was a balance in nature, and Garrett's mere existence tipped it. )

Backscene: Highever state of mind [Oct 21st, 10
8:51 pm

Who: Seda Utheriel, Salma and Jill Sorrel
Where: Highever
When: 9:38, morning 4 Molioris
Summary: Jill goes in search of breakfast and Salma is left without company. Or food. But mostly company.
Rating: H for horsie!


[Oct 20th, 10
8:30 am

who: Valan Arandil and Aedre
where: Close to Aedre's village in the Wilds
when: Fall, 9:28 (Aedre is 7)
summary: Aedre's village and many others have been plagued by a certain monster, but that does not stop the girl from leaving home and completing tasks by herself. Valan is expected to find a very frightened little girl.
rating: Nothing bad! Maybe some fighting, but nothing over-the-top... Rated M?

Foolish little girl. )

attack of the 4'5" woman [Oct 20th, 10
12:51 am

Who: Loic Arkaitz, Lee Wyland, Johann Bronson, Nerys Ronain, Signy Dagna, any other members of G1 who want in.
Where: Redcliffe.
When: Late morning. 1 Ferventis, 9:45.
Summary: Johann arrives at Redcliffe to recruit help for the family and friends she's left barricaded in her home, and finds that the situation is more complicated than she hoped.
Rating: There will be swears.
In progress.

No matter how fit, no matter how determined, one person can only keep rowing for so long before exhaustion takes hold. )

The Thing About Fathers [Oct 19th, 10
10:39 pm

Who: Aedre, Thren Canondais
NPCS: Po, various Chasind
Where: Aedre's village, outside of Denerim
When: Summer, 9:37
Summary: For Aedre, it's been a homecoming. For Po and Thren, it's time to move on.
Rating: T
A/N: To save you from doing the math; Thren is 17, Aedre is 16, and Po is still old.

Po's eyes flashed with a hint of mischief that Thren had long since learned to fear. The boy immediately groaned, preparing himself for whatever revelation was spinning headlong in his direction. )

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing [Oct 19th, 10
6:52 pm

Who: Falina Bjyr and Jill Sorrel
What: Jill has a horse. That can be very offensive to some people...
When: 9:45, 23 Molioris, early in the evening.
Where: Camp
Rating: B for bitchy


Redcliffe holds the key to your heart [Oct 18th, 10
9:12 pm

Who: Brennan Wulfe and Elsa Vargas
What: Elsa seeks out Brennan to get some answers or is it the other way around?
When: 9:45, 29 Molioris, the same night as the fight.
Where: Redcliffe
Rating: Um, I forgot?

She was looking for the tall man... )

Sometimes, big things come in small packages [Oct 17th, 10
7:53 pm

Who: Brennan Wulfe and Roran Ághas
What: Brennan needs to make sure that his secret is safe, and that means making sure that someone doesn't talk about it. The first of two that he finds is the short one.
When: 9:45, 29 Molioris, right after the fighting
Where: Redcliffe
Rating: S for Short and T for Tall. In the same thread.

What's a little thing like you doing with such sharp knives? )

backscene: drove through ghosts to get here [Oct 17th, 10
12:30 pm

Who: Arya Oros and Paeral Tharelle (NPC)
What: Arya explores the alienage of her childhood and struggles to remember what her family was like. Lucky for her, their neighbor still lives next door to their old house.
When: 9:45, 5 Nubulis
Where: Denerim Alienage
Rating: E for everyone? Probably going to get sad.

Do you remember who used to live here? )

[Oct 17th, 10
12:46 pm
Who: Coan Bryland & Talfryn Armstead
What: Coan really needs to talk his problems off.
When: 30 Molioris, 9:45 ; evening
Where: the Arl's castle
Rating: S for sappy. Man hugging and possible crying ahead. You have been warned.

...he was more upset with himself for being so petulant. )

With the Face of a Ghost [Oct 16th, 10
4:33 pm

Who: Brennan Wulfe, Imenry Barras, Elsa Vargas, Hilda Aelricsdottr, Signy Dagna, anyone from G1 who would like to join, or gawk.
Where: Redcliffe
When: 30 Molioris, 9:45
Summary: When the group from the Orchard arrives back in Redcliffe the following day Imenry runs into someone who looks very familiar. But no, he can't be alive? Can he?
Rating: T for possible language

Sometimes, there were ghosts all around her, but usually she was asleep. )

backscene: bullies [Oct 15th, 10
12:10 pm

WHO: Arya Oros, Conlan Delaine and Alderic Thearre
WHEN: 9:29 Dragon Age, Eluviesta 14
WHERE: Denerim Alienage
SUMMARY: Arya's getting picked on by some older boys and Conlan comes to her rescue. Now with more Alderic for your reading pleasure!
RATING: H for heroics

go pick on someone your own size )

backscene: we were born for this [Oct 14th, 10
2:07 pm

WHO: Æolyn M'Haaren and Arya Oros
WHEN: 9:45, 12 Nubulis
WHERE: Denerim
SUMMARY: Arya comes to Æolyn for supplies before she heads out to find the Dalish and Lyn offers some words of advice.
RATING: M for motherly

you're not the first to want to do that... )

Around Me Are Familiar Faces [Oct 14th, 10
3:02 am

Who: Ordhan Wyland, Jill Sorrel
Where: G3's camp
When: 9:45, morning 24 Molioris
Summary: Ordhan tries to place where he has seen Jill before--or if he has.
Rating: E (most likely)

This was a petty matter to break his self-imposed silence for. )

[Oct 10th, 10
8:44 pm

Who: Talfryn Armstead & Lillie Tharelle
Where: The Pearl, Denerim
When: Evening. Autumn, 9:27 Dragon
Summary: Talfryn goes to visit his beloved in Denerim with a plan, and is kept company while he waits by another young woman.
Rating: T. It's a brothel, but this is a surprisingly chaste conversation.

The fireplace before the main room of the brothel crackled loudly, though not nearly as loud as the din at the bar. )

and what's in this little bottle? [Oct 10th, 10
12:27 pm

Who: Lucressia Peron and Constans Ledaal
Where: Lothering, the Stables of the Dane's Refuge Inn
When: 22 Molioris. Early morning.
Summary: The Tranquil finds something he perhaps shouldn't have.
Rating: E, for now.
her wagon was brimming with the goods of Lothering; most of the fine crafted things from Amaranthine and Denerim were now gone )

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