24 May 2008 @ 11:18 am
TEAM DRAGON ENTRY: Ivylady "Rights and Rituals"  
Title: Rights and Rituals
Author: [info]ivylady
Team: Dragon
Genres: Alternate Universe *Hover/Click for Games Definition of Alternate Universe*
Prompt: Miles to go Before I Sleep, Ritual
Rating/Warnings: R **non-con, minor character death, Mpreg (not graphic), est. relationship**
Word Count: ~31,000
Summary: Drastic measures were taken to ensue Severus's aid to Harry. Years later, the two discover the depths of their connection.
A/N:Thank you so very much, [info]babblingbrook42, who talked me off the ledge and gave me invaluable advice. Thanks for saving my hair! Another thank you to [info]leianora who helped immensely with the setup, outline, and editing for this fic. If it weren't for you, this story would look drastically different. Also, thanks to [info]sweetmelodykiss who helped me with the opening ritual. Thanks also to [info]perfica and [info]klynie1 for their beta reading skills. Another thanks to [info]lilyseyes for providing another set of eyes. Finally, thanks to all the members of Team Dragon. From answering questions to encouragement, it was a great pleasure. You’re all awesome! Team Dragon rocks!

Rights and Rituals by Ivylady )

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