09 May 2008 @ 07:54 pm
TEAM DRAGON ENTRY: Empathic Siren "For the Love of a Good Woman"  
Title: For the Love of a Good Woman
Author: Siren [info]empathic_siren
Team: Dragon
Genres: Angst
Prompt: Shrieking Shack, Inheritance
Rating: R (maybe)
Warnings/Kinks: *Epilogue-compliant, Het (Harry/Ginny), Major character death, implied infidelity*
Word Count: approximately 6,000
Summary: Love defines our choices, our lives, our everything. How does it define Snape and Harry? Harry finds out when he learns that Snape has unexpectedly died. Over the course of seven days, we learn of the relationship he and Harry had after the war, and what it meant to Harry, what it meant to Severus.
Author's Note: Many thanks to [info]iulia_linnea, [info]sansa1970, and all of my Team Dragon team mates, without whom this fic would never have seen the light of day.

For the Love of a Good Woman by Siren )