17 October 2009 @ 12:26 pm
The 2009 Tribute Video  
I can't believe this is the fourth year of the games and my fourth year of making tribute vids with such wonderful art! Every year it's a challenge to fit it all in, but it is always so much fun. So here we go with the 2009 Snarry Games Tribute video...

File Size: 46 MB
File Type: .WMV
Song: "Bleeding Love"
Artist: Leona Lewis
Summary: A collage of images from the 2009 Snarry Games. Please see the credits for the names of the artists whose work was used.
Warning: None

Download Snarry Games 2009 Tribute Vid (via akemi42.com)
Watch Snarry Games 2009 Tribute Vid on BAM or the akemi42 theater

If you would like to see other vids by me including previous tribute vids, please watch the akemi42 LJ comm.

As always, it's been a pleasure! And do remember to keep your eye out for my ultimate tribute vid featuring art from four years of the Snarry Games!
19 November 2008 @ 12:21 am
Closing Ceremonies: Tribute Video  
Once again, the awesome art this year inspired me to put it all to music...as long as you gave me permission. Fellow Snarry lovers, I present the 2008 Snarry Games Tribute Video...

File Size: 37 MB
File Type: .WMV
Song: "Sleeping With Ghosts"
Artist: Placebo
Summary: A collage of images from the 2008 Snarry Art Games. Please see the credits for the names of the artists whose work was used.
Warning: None

Download Snarry Art Games 2008 Tribute Video (via akemi42.com)
Watch Snarry Art Games 2008 Tribute Video on IMEEM or the akemi42 theater

You can see past Snarry Games videos and other works on [info]akemi42_vids.

Remember...soulmates never die. :)

EDIT: For those who noticed the YouTube link is broken, my account was deleted. I believe it was related to the "inappropriate content" of this vid (my second TOU violation notice). Luckily I still have akemi42.com and my IMEEM account. I updated the link above.
17 November 2007 @ 09:24 pm
Closing Ceremonies: Tribute Video  
As a final tribute to all the talented artists who made the Games a success this year, I've put together a tribute vid featuring the art of all participants who granted me permission. Here is the download/watching info...

Download The Snarry Art Games 2007 Tribute Video
Watch Download The Snarry Art Games 2007 Tribute Video (YouTube)

File Size: 47 MB
File Type: .WMV
Song: "Goodbye My Lover"
Artist: James Blunt
Summary: It is a sad and cheesy song, but this is a sad and cheesy time for Snarry shippers I think. I hope it captures the spirit of the Games.
Warnings: All the same ones which go with the entries; however I did try to keep the video as low key as possible

Congratulations to all the medal winners and thank you to all the artists who gave me permission to use their work and to the fantastic mods for putting together a wonderful fest this year.
23 October 2006 @ 09:58 am
Snarry Games Tribute Video  

Original poster: chaeche

Attention all Snarry Games artists and spectators,

I was so impresseed by all the incredible art that came from both teams this year that I had to do something to commemorate the Games in one of the few ways I know to do that sort of thing: vidding. My fellow admirers of all things Snarry, I present the Snarry Games Tribute video...

Pairing: Snarry
File Size: 60 MB
File Type: .WMV
Song: "Chasing Cars" & "Adagio for Strings"
Artist: Snow Patrol & Samuel Barber
Notes: This is the video I made to commemorate the Snarry Games. I requested permission to use art here so if your art isn't included it is because I didn't get your permission in time. I also couldn't use everything from everyone (there was too much Snarry!) so if you had a piece that was a series, I may have only used one or two frames. Enjoy!

Direct Download
Watch via YouTube

02 October 2006 @ 10:02 am

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Snarry: Cheater
Artist: (Vidder ) [info]chaeche aka akemi42
Email: rachael @ snapecast . com
Prompt(s): Cheater
Team: [info]teamangst_art Team Angst
Rating: R/uses images from the HP movies, but no manipulations; this is a Snarry vid, but because of the prompt it also has some H/D and Snucius
Warnings/Kinks: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Implied infidelity *
Artist's Notes: Harry is cheating on Severus with a certain plantinum blond.
Sound = "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers (lyrics below)
Images = Harry Potter and the SS, COS, POA, GOF movies, and credit for the fan art image in the beginning goes to felllow Team Member, the amazing [info]trekkiegrrl.
Archiving/Usage permission: (Only for AFTER the 2006 Snarry Summer Games have closed their polls) yes for anything

Snarry: Cheater )