02 August 2009 @ 10:22 am
Team Cauldron Entry (FIC): "Something Ever After" By AbstractConcept  
Title: Something Ever After
Author: [info]the_con_cept
Team: Cauldron
Genres: Crossdressing and Crossover/Fusion
Prompt: Some Enchanted Evening
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: R. Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Crossdressing, oral sex, actual sex. EWE. *
Word Count: 17,000
Betas: [info]angela_snape, with additional help from [info]unbroken_halo and [info]ivylady, and coding by the most excellent [info]littleroo27.
A/N: See how many Disney parodies you can spot! I’ll have a list up in my journal with each Disney reference I included.

Summary: Harry just wanted his happy ending. Instead, he’s stuck with a sparkly tiara and glass shoes, and the entire world seems to have gone mad.

Something Ever After by AbstractConcept )

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02 August 2009 @ 09:25 pm
Team Snitch Entry (FIC): "The Shadowless Hereafter" by Perfica  
Title: The Shadowless Hereafter
Author: [info]perfica
Team: Snitch
Genre(s): Literary, Alive and Kicking (EWE)
Prompt(s): Candle in the Window
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: PG15; Highlight if you wish to know: *Infidelity, Character Death*
Word Count: ~10,000
Author Notes/Disclaimers/Betas Without [info]joanwilder’s encouragement, I would have ground to a halt. She, [info]accioslash and [info]loupgarou1750 (who always knows what I want to say no matter how badly I botch it) were responsible for putting the final touches to this story and I am, as always, immensely grateful.

Summary: "Mr Woodlock is a reporter from a very important periodical. He is here because he wishes to interview me on my time in the Great War."

The Shadowless Hereafter by Perfica )
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