23 July 2009 @ 02:32 pm
OPENING GAMES FREE-FOR-ALL CHALLENGE No. 20 from Games Champion, Andreanna!  
Alas, we've come to the end of our free-for-all challenge.

For our final entry, please join us for a little voyeuristic fun - on your part! Rubber duckies are optional.

Title: Squeaky Clean
Artist: [info]andreanna
Thing/Place/Action: Squeaky shoes/bath/washing
Drabble/Drawble/Ficlet/Limerick?: Drawble!!
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: Ummm, naked...and silly.
Notes/Disclaimers/Betas: Thank you [info]lizardspots for the title. This time I used a reference! So then I had more time to ponder coloring it...only to end up in grey scale ;__;

Squeaky Clean )

Thank you, [info]andreanna!

And thanks to everyone who has participated in our Opening Games Free-For-All Challenge! ♥

Stay tuned! Official posting begins on August 1, at which time we'll be bringing you Fifty (50) Days of Snarry to celebrate! (Take that, Christmas! :-P) Our Champions have all been working very hard, so please remember to show them your appreciation!

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