10 February 2009 @ 09:53 pm
"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia."  
Snarry fandom has a very large Australian presence, and I count many as dear friends. So I have no problem hijacking my Games comm to discuss their plight.

As I am sure you are all aware, the terrible wildfires rampaging through certain areas in Australia are destroying lives, property, wildlife, and are shockingly likely the result of, or is being extended by, arsonists.

The terrible toll this emergency has had means that our friends really need us, now. The extraordinary emergency services of many organisations are working 24-7 with largely volunteer forces and on the donations of others to keep them going. If you can, please spare a few dollars to help them help those who are truly desperate.

If you wish to assist these support services with a donation of any kind, every little bit helps! The links are:

Australian Red Cross : http://www.redcross.org.au/vic/services_emergencyservices_victorian-bushfires-appeal-2009.htm

Salvation Army: http://salvos.org.au/

Animal Aid (who are coordinating the rescue and housing of domestic animals displaced by the crisis and medical treatment of injured animals): http://www.animalaid.com.au/

Wildlife Services:


On a more personal note, while both the human and wildlife emergency services are many in number, the little-known struggles to save injured and evacuated livestock, especially horses, has but one champion:

Triple Equine Welfare (TREW) are actively networking between those in need, and those who can provide assistance. Moving and relocating a large animal, or several, especially injured or stressed animals, is a difficult and traumatic experience, especially when the rest of your world is falling apart.

They need support for the projects they are undertaking, including finding FEED, TRANSPORT and EMERGENCY HOUSING for these animals, both in the short term, and longer, as this situation is not going to go away when the fires are eventually out. Entire properties, ranches, and farms have been razed to the ground, and without feed, shelter or fences, it will be impossible to relocate any time soon.

But these things don't always come cheap, especially medical supplies and transportation of bulk feed.

TREW are a wholly voluntary organisation with very little monetary reserve. They are a registered Not for Profit association and donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Please donate to


Go to the BOTTOM of the page and click on the DONATE link.

Every dollar will help.

And if you can, please spread the word.

ETA: More on Horse Crisis Help

TREW (Triple R Equine Welfare Inc)


Have established a distribution depot based in Bendigo Showgrounds that I understand is receiving deliveries of donated feed and supplies. They are also calling for donations of portable fencing gear into Kilmore and Cottles Bridge (details are at their site). They are continuing their relief register work matching up offers of temporary housing for horses and owners in need.

There are contacts on the Crisis Network page for all aspects of the work they are doing.

EFA Victoria (Equestrian Federation of Australia)


Are also offering assistance through their member network in Victoria. They have information up at their home page, and contact numbers for people wanting more information.

University of Melbourne

THE University of Melbourne's faculty of Veterinary Science has offered free care for animals injured in Victoria's bushfires.
The free care is available for domestic pets and horses and will be provided at the university's veterinary clinic and hospital at Werribee in Melbourne's southwest.

Those with injured dogs and cats can phone the veterinary clinic on (03) 9731 2232 (24 hours).

Those with injured horses should phone the university's equine centre on (03) 9731 2268 (24 hours).


IMPORTANT NOTE: A legitimate charity will give you information outlining its mission, how your donation will be distributed, and proof that your contribution is tax-deductible. Always check their license or registration status. While there are many legitimate organizations that provide relief to disaster victims, there are those who are willing to collect funds for non-existent charities and pocket the money. Check the Australian Charities Book: http://www.auscharity.org/index.php