01 June 2008 @ 12:38 am
TEAM DRAGON ENTRY: Carawen "Beatae Memoriae (Of Blessed Memory) "  
Title: Beatae Memoriae (Of Blessed Memory)
Author: [info]carawen **See the Author's Master List of Fics HERE: Carawen's Archive**
Team: Dragon
Genres: Postwar
Prompt: Tabloid Headlines, Time Capsule
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: PG13 *Character Death, Partner Infidelity (not Harry or Severus)*
Word Count: ~13,000
Summary: 275 years after the final battle, a young man sets out to prove that Harry Potter was not a Dark wizard.
A/N: A million thanks to the mods and their unending patience with me, and to Raewhit and Keane for their betaing skills. Also, a family tree has been posted my IJ, in case anyone is interested, or just confused about how it all connects up.
Disclaimer: Everything you recognize belongs to someone else.

Beatae Memoriae (Of Blessed Memory) by Carawen )
01 June 2008 @ 11:20 am
TEAM PHOENIX ENTRY: Chazpure "Water Lilies and Lotus Seeds"  
Title: Water Lilies and Lotus Seeds
Author: [info]chazpure
Team: Phoenix
Genre(s): Postwar
Prompt(s): Career Change, Optical Illusion
Rating: NC17
Warnings/Kinks: *frottage, semi-public sex, oral*
Word Count: ~11,800
Summary: When his godson recommended a "fascinating" Muggle establishment for a relaxing experience, Harry was intrigued, but he was unprepared for finding the owner fascinating as well.
Notes: My thanks and my abject apologies to the moderators of the Games for the lateness of this submission! I had an overdose of RL that unfortunately had a serious impact on my available writing time, plus, this seems to have been another Inanimate Uncooperativeness Week. Strange, I never got the memo... Also, my thanks to my beta for hot tea & putting up with my swearing. Any errors remaining in this story are mine.

Mod note: Thank you, Chaz!

Water Lilies and Lotus Seeds by Chazpure )
01 June 2008 @ 08:40 pm
TEAM DRAGON ENTRY: I Got Tired of Waiting "Norbert et Chloë"  
Title: Norbert et Chloë
Author: I Got Tired of Waiting [info]igtow
Team: Dragon, baby!
Genre: Romance
Prompts: Separation Anxiety and Possessiveness
Rating/Warnings: 18+ :: *Mild Het, Minor OC Character Death, 98% DH and Epilogue compliant.*
Word Count: ~77,000
Summary: Norbert and Chloë are destined to be life-mates, or at least they will be, if they can just find each other. However, to gain true contentment, they have to help their respective humans find their own happiness--hopefully together. An eggsemplum on the meaning of heart's ease and the capricious nature of second chances.
A/N: My undying gratitude to [info]amand_r, [info]aseneth, and [info]jadzialove for the kick-ass beta, as well as [info]klynie1, [info]centaury_squill, and [info]mimiheart for the last read-through corrections. Awl udder mis-steaks mussed bee mind.
Dedicated to: RaeWhit aka as [info]joanwilder, a most wonderous team capitan and this dragon's 'keeper'. ♥
To my fellow Dragons: Rooooaaaarrrrr! Now, let us partake of our competitions' giblets stories in a rum sauce spirit of fowl fair play!
To the mods: I'd like to extend my thanks for placing me on the best team ever! It's been a hoot roooaaarrr!!

Disclaimer: Nope, still not mine except for a few new characters (and Rae's mine; you can't have her, damn it!.

Norbert and Chloë perchin' in a tree, H-I-S-S-I-N-G First comes love, then comes mating, Then comes hatchlings in the fire's grating. )

Mod note: Due to the length of this story, we will not be posting another until tomorrow Evening. Thank you.