20 May 2008 @ 07:12 pm
TEAM PHOENIX ENTRY: Perverse Idyll "When the Rose and the Fire Are One"  
Title: When the Rose and the Fire Are One
Author: [info]perverse_idyll
Team: Phoenix!
Genre(s): Alternate Universe *Hover/Click for Games Definition of Alternate Universe*
Prompt(s): Flesh Memory, Spilling Fire
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: *(HBP but not DH-compliant) Violence, rough sex, character death (not Snape or Harry)*
Word Count: 81,000+
Summary: Harry's haunted by guilt. Snape's warded by roses. Each must free the other in order to free himself.
A/N: First, thank you to the mods for creating the Games in the first place and for having the patience of saints. [info]leela_cat did a phenomenal job with this in a ridiculously short time. Whatever coherence the fic has is due to her heroic efforts and hand-holding. Also thanks to Team Phoenix for putting up with my fumbling captaincy and for helping to make this an enjoyable ride. Lastly, many thanks to my beloved [info]rinsbane for talking me through to the images I needed. I wish this were a better first offering, my dear.

*With gratitude to [info]leela_cat and apologies to T. S. Eliot.

When the Rose and the Fire Are One by Perverse Idyll )

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