11 May 2008 @ 11:25 am
TEAM DRAGON ENTRY: The ConCept "And Malfoy Makes Three"  
Title: And Malfoy Makes Three
Author: AbstractConcept [info]the_con_cept
Team: Dragon
Genre(s): Humour
Prompt(s): Ménage à Trois and Baby Blues
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: NC-17; *Threesome and references to Mpreg. Also, this is very much a threesome fic; that is to say, there is Snape/Harry, but it’s really Snape/Draco/Harry.*
Word Count: 40,000+ words.
Summary: Snape completely misinterprets Harry's oblique hints about a baby.
A/N: Much thanks primarily to my betas [info]angela_snape and [info]carpet_diemon (without whom this fic would have fizzled out), with help from [info]cira_arana, Team Dragon, and much admiration for [info]joanwilder and the Mod Supreme [info]djin7.

And Malfoy Makes Three by The ConCept )

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