04 February 2008 @ 07:30 am
Walking the Plank celebrates its anniversary soon!  
This theme of fire this year has me thinking. Two years ago, we were working madly at this time of year to create a lasting archive after the implosion of Detention, a much-loved Snarry site. With lots of hours, some stellar efforts, and the miracle of compromise, a new Walking the Plank was born from the ashes of Detention.
where we came from )

As a matter of fact, [info]djin7 created the Snarry Games initially as a celebration of the rebirth of Walking the Plank, and a wish to share the joy of Snarry. The structure has served it well, and WTP will be up nearly twice as long as Detention when it celebrates its 2 year anniversary on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

looking toward the future )

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit us on the WTP forum. Everyone is welcome, and your unique skills will be appreciated!

The Snarry Games and Walking the Plank have always had a symbiotic relationship, and always will. We were born at the same time, and for the same reason: preserving the Snarry for those who love it. Whether you visit one or both, whether you read or volunteer, we appreciate you. The same fire burns within us all.
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