08 May 2007 @ 08:58 pm
TEAM POSTWAR ENTRY: Nenya Entwhistle "A Conscious Choice"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: A Conscious Choice
Author: Nenya Entwhistle ([info]nenyaentwhistle)
Team: Postwar
Genres: Romance
Prompt: Missing in Action
Rating: R
Word Count: 19,000 +/-
A/N/Betas: Thank you so much to [info]igtow for being such a wonderful beta and helping me iron out some of the wrinkles. Also thanks to [info]sansa1970 for helping in the preliminary draft! And thanks to Team Postwar for helping me decide my plot line! It's been a long time since I've written in the HP fandom (over a year), and I'm glad I managed to actually finish something that I'm happy with despite the limited time I had to write this. I hope you enjoy reading this.

Summary: Severus Snape is in pursuit of Harry Potter.

A Conscious Choice )