06 April 2007 @ 05:21 pm
Opening Games Crack!Art by Umbrus!  

Original poster: snarrymod

Opening Games Crack Art, XIV

[info]umbrus decide to give us CANON SNARRY. Oh, yes. *giggles* I suppose this is her Postwar ideal, given the 'love interest' JKR had us all thinking about at the end of Book 6.

The artist disclaims the following: I pray every day that I own them but it’s not to be.

The Snarry Games give the following disclaimer about the artist's work: This picture and its contents do not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of either the Snarry Games, its mods, their friends, or its mascot, Jake the killer rabbit. *looks innocent*

Warnings/Ratings: Character death, but nothing that will upset you, warning for CRACK. VERY large image, dial-up users beware.

If I were you, I'd duck )

Thank you, [info]umbrus!

Coming up soon, the rest of the Champion Interviews! Also, you may be interested to know, the [info]snarry_games begins posting in ONE WEEK. ;sdjf;sdfks;d

That is all.