02 March 2007 @ 11:43 pm
Opening Games Crack!Art by Acidburn!  

Original poster: snarrymod

Opening Games Crack Art, X!

[info]ac1d6urn sent her art in with the following caveat:

Inspired by the Best Interview Question Ever and the following conversation, in case you're wondering:

[info]ac1d6urn: Bet you Harry never did have proper exercise, just sitting on a magic-powered broom all that time.
[info]ac1d6urn: One mile away from the house: *pantgasppant* Just... Leave me... Behind... And Snape (those broom pedals just twirling away, doesn't even break a sweat): Get back up in the air NOW, Potter. Be a man.
[info]sinick: "Before I add training wheels to go with those pedals"
[info]ac1d6urn: Bwahaha.
[info]sinick: Aww he looks so cute, all floppy and tired out
[info]sinick: *chuckles* "Call yourself a halfblood? I should enter you in a triathlon, then you'd know the meaning of knackered!"

Warnings/Ratings: G, warning for CRACK.

Work it, Potter! )

Thank you, [info]ac1d6urn!

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