05 February 2007 @ 10:41 pm
Opening Games Crack!Art by Glockgal!  

Original poster: snarrymod

Opening Games Crack Art the FOURTH.

[info]glockgal couldn't resist a little crack. After discussing the first crack art posted, featuring [info]coell and the HP Quills for a Cause sponsorship, our conversation went a little like this:

glockgal: you like start with the joy of Crack art and Interviews, sandwich some adorable art in between and then end with a charity thingie
djin7: yes
glockgal: that's like, so Bruce Wayne of you :D
djin7: HAHAHAH. Damn! My secret is OUT
glockgal: OOP! I promise I won't tell! Just make me your Robin and we'll call it a deal HAAHAH
djin7: HAHHAHA *pictures you in yellow cape and red tights *
I get the better deal
glockgal: FOFL
djin7: you can be Kato instead
glockgal: AHAHAHAHA!!!
djin7: tee hee, I can so see you in the little black chauffeur's uniform with the mask, he was WAY cooler than Robin
glockgal: *dies* Robin is the bomb!!!! I need to draw Batman/Snape+Robin/Harry to convince you of this, me thinks...LOL
djin7: YES

To that end, I give you [info]glockgal's Crack Art for the 2007 Winter Games:

Warnings/Ratings: PG, warning for CRACK! Dial up know the drill.


Thank you, Glock!

Coming up tomorrow, more Champion Interviews!